Yasmin Brunet arrives at the police station to testify about the accusation of trafficking

Recently, Yasmine Brunet was accused of being involved in human trafficking, denying the allegations on social media. The famous was the target of Letícia Maia, who claimed to have been kidnapped and also added that Yasmin had a plan for prostitution outside the country.

At the time, she even assured that she would take the appropriate legal measures: “I will not even comment on this case any further. My lawyers in Brazil and the United States take legal and reasonable measures. Authorities are already investigating.

“I came into this story looking to help, but now seeing this mess they are making, I understand they are just looking for attention. But to do this with such a big issue is shocking,” a- she added.

Yasmin Brunet denies allegations of kidnapping and human trafficking
Yasmin Brunet denies allegations of abduction and human trafficking – Photo: Reproduction/Instagram/@yasminbrunet

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For this reason, the model showed up at the Cybercrimes Police Station, in the central region of São Paulo, this Wednesday, October 26, to testify in the official complaint of the case. She was accompanied by her lawyer.

Yasmin Brunet’s look consisted of a white t-shirt, jeans, a black blouse and sunglasses, while the professional who accompanied her was in evening dress with a full suit and a blue tie, both with very serious faces.

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