Will CAIXA take 5 days to unlock Auxílio Brasil’s payday loan? Know more!

The Minister of union accounts (TOS), requested further clarification from the Federal savings bank (THE CASHIER) on the consigned credit and ordered the suspension of the loans obtained through Auxilio Brasil. Many candidates are already worried and other doubts are already in the air. To learn more, continue to follow our text below.

cash aid on deposit in brazil
CAIXA asks for five more days to release Auxílio Brasil’s consigned credit – Image: @jeanedeoliveirafotografia / pronatec.pro.br

Suspension of the consigned credit of Auxílio Brasil

It was requested by THE CASHIER a greater extension of the time taken to realize the credit on deposit, which is linked to the Help in Brazil. The current phase of loan execution has a period of up to two working days to release the resource to those who want it. Thanks to the expansion, the period can be extended up to five days.

It should be noted that according to the bank, this expansion still needs to be approved internally, so it is not official. In addition, on Monday, the release of loans in this modality remained frozen for 24 hours. It took 24 hours to THE CASHIER give further explanations concerning the sending of the Help in Brazil.

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TCU recommendation

The request of the THE CASHIER providing further clarification came from Minister Aroldo Cedraz, of the TOS. He suggested to the bank, if necessary, to immediately suspend the application for new loans.

It is a measure of zeal with the public interest, until this Court of Auditors of the Union proceeds to the analysis of the analysis of the documentation to be transmitted and, in addition, is able to demonstrate that there are no very serious irregularities, which are suggested in the representation“Cedraz said.

It is important to emphasize that the request was made within the framework of the legal proceedings and requested by the Public Ministry of Accounts. Thus, it will be possible to carry out a detailed analysis of the procedures adopted by the THE CASHIER for granting loans.

Assistant District Attorney Lucas Rocha Furtado also spoke out and said that “the use of the loan has an electoral purpose and does not correspond to the purposes defined by the bank“.

Furtado also ordered the THE CASHIERWhat “stop making new payday loans for those who receive Auxílio Brasil, because it is necessary for the Court of Auditors to come out officially on this matter“.

CAIXA requests a new credit release deadline

After government determinations and a request from the THE CASHIERthe new term to be able to make the loan through the Help in Brazil, will be five working days. Thus, around 200,000 people who had already taken out the loan will have to reapply.

It should be noted that the new term is also valid for other financial institutions that operate with this type of loan. One of the reasons for the government’s decision to perform is due to the decentralization of certain information. After all, in some information channels of the THE CASHIERhe was informed that the loan could take up to 15 days to be approved, whereas a previous decree defined a deadline of 48 hours.

As a result, the bank decided to correct the error and centralize the information as well as possible.

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