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Shayan Haghbin said he was called a stalker and perverted by the women of Deolane Bezerra’s group in A Fazenda 14. Expelled from reality, the Iranian regretted the attacks and said the lawyer’s allies were playing a dirty game “They wanted to plant seeds of evil to destroy my image,” he charged.

In an interview with the Link Podcast on YouTube, the ex-Marriage Blind said the widow of MC Kevin (1998-2021) has built up an image on social media of who she really is.

“I did not know Déolane, but from the first day, the saint did not strike. I didn’t see anyone positive. stories”.

They only think about playing, no matter if it’s fair game or dirty game. Deolane was playing a dirty game with her team. It’s a snake, what people saw on the internet was a character. She is the person you see inside the house, a person with negative energy.

Asked about the allegations of harassment made by those at the attraction, Shay said he never acted disrespectfully towards the attendees. “Bia said I was a rapist, I said, ‘If you have evidence, you can sue me. Where is the evidence?'” he asked.

Shay had survived the fifth season farm before being kicked out. For the pawn, public support says more than any word used by his opponents in the game. “If I was a stalker, a freak, I would walk away with the rejection. It’s because people have seen that I’m not that person.”

They wanted to plant evil seeds to destroy my image. I have always defended myself. Six other women also defended me, and they accused the women because they defended me.

At another point in the interview, Shay opened up about his and Tiago Ramos’ expulsion. The Iranian claimed not to have attacked Neymar’s ex-father-in-law but admitted he had a bodily reaction to an attack by the model.

“This house was unbearable. Deolane put this pile on Tiago’s head. She put things on his head. He no longer had the dream of living this reality TV, so he rang the doorbell twice. I been the victim of a criminal. The person threatened, threatened and was not deported, until he got it,” added the ex-pawn.

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