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RJ1 (26) this Wednesday produced a special edition in honor of Susana Naspolini, a journalist who died of cancer. At the start of the local news show in Rio de Janeiro, presenter Mariana Gross mourned the death of her Globo colleague and had to hold back tears to lead the news.

“We have lost our friend. I say wow because Susana Naspolini was already intimate with all of us, with her colleagues and with you, who are at home, of course. She left us yesterday [25] after an intense battle with cancer at age 49. She deserves all the accolades.”

Next, Mariana recalled how Susana marked the RJ1. In 2008, the journalist began presenting the RJ Móvel segment, which was part of the television news. She made a name for herself by addressing the problems of the population.

With a calendar in hand, the reporter traveled to neighborhoods in the Rio de Janeiro metropolitan area to investigate complaints about local issues and ask authorities for time frames for the situations to be resolved. Mariana reinforced the role of the professional on television:

Susana is a fundamental and unforgettable part of our team. Susana created a different language of journalism, she was creative and out of the box. risk it! This is how she built a huge fan base on the streets, in places where people usually don’t have a voice.

This Tuesday’s edition of RJ1 (26) was almost entirely devoted to tributes to Susana. Journalists linked to places she went to solve problems for the people, and commentator Edimilson Ávila cried a lot.

A little earlier, in Bom Dia Rio, the death of the journalist had also prompted her colleagues to pay tribute to her. “We are never prepared, are we? How can we say goodbye to all the joy we saw from our dear Susana Naspolini? What she did was something that shone a light on people’s faces”, commented Flávio Fachel.

Tuesday evening (25), shortly after the confirmation of Susana’s death, Renata Vasconcellos cried at the end of the Jornal Nacional. Ana Paula Araújo, in today’s Bom Dia Brasil (26), also confessed her sadness at the loss of her friend.

“Today is a particularly difficult day for us here at Jornalismo da Globo with the loss of Susana Naspolini, quite simply Rio de Janeiro’s most beloved journalist, the most beloved of all of us here at the newsroom that we know. Susana,” Ana said, visibly moved. .

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