“We have money to pay after Liberta”; America-MEX fans campaign to hire Dorival reserve at Flamengo


Under Dorival Júnior, the team prepare to decide the Copa Libertadores da América title next Saturday (29)

America-MEX fans campaign to hire Dorival reserve at Flamengo
© Photo: Buda Mendes/Getty ImagesAmerica-MEX fans campaign to hire Dorival reserve at Flamengo

Flamengo is the vice-leader of the Brazil Championship of Serie A with 61 points, in addition to having won the fourth Brazil Cup and will play the final of America’s Liberators next Saturday (29), at 5 p.m., in front of the Athletico-PR in Guayaquil, Ecuador, in a confrontation that will be broadcast by Star+.

The Most Beloved is going to its third final in three years, and if you want to follow the match and didn’t get a ticket, you can watch it here and stay from the comfort of your home. Even with the latest results and an impending decision, the board is watching the market for reinforcements for the next season. But, he saw some players harassed by rival teams. Through social networks, fans of the mexico america are campaigning for the hiring of the steering wheel Arthur Vidal.

“All they need is Arturo Vidal, Camilo Vargas, defender and matador”, he wrote. Another fan also pointed out that the steering wheel is all the team needs. ” How why ? Go to @kingarturo23 once and for all…you need a containment dog who is tough like his mother, who doesn’t hide or cower when the game drops, one of this profile takes care of that …go @ClubAmerica for King Arthur”, underline.

“Aquino or Ricardo �� @kingarturo23 for the club @América ������”, Underline. Another fan went further and speculated about a possible negotiation, which was not confirmed by the team. Category-Black. “King Arturo Vidal has not renewed Flamengo!!!!! Several media confirm that if they have been in negotiations with Club América for two months, what has been said about the Chilean could happen for the next tournament!!! Stay tuned for the next few days…”.

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