Warner Bros. OFFICIALLY changes the name of the DCEU; Did you like the new?

It was confirmed yesterday that james gunn was hired as co-chair of the DC Studiosdivision of Discovery of Warner Bros. responsible for adapting the publisher’s comics into films, series and animations.

Known for his work on films based on comic books such as the two ‘guardians of the galaxy‘e’The Suicide Squad‘, Gunn will share the burden with Saffron Stonewhich since 2018 has produced titles of CCas ‘Aquaman‘e’Shazam!‘ and its future sequels.

But that’s not all: Warner also revealed that the acronym known as DCEU will no longer be used by the company. Now fans can celebrate the start of a new era of DCUs.

Check out the public reaction to the good news:

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After the news, Deadline indicates that the contract with the CC is exclusive, and Gunn can’t work for wonder while he was under the supervision of Warner Media Discovery.

Before leaving, the director will launch a Guardians of the Galaxy Christmas Special e ‘Guardians of the Galaxy Vol. 3‘.

Below you can see the poster and trailer for the special, which debuts in November 25already Disney+:

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