Virgínia Fonseca poses in a diaper and shows her belly 4 days after giving birth

Influencer Virgínia Fonseca showed off her belly in a real maternity-style photo and wowed

A digital influencer Virginia Fonseca surprised by showing pictures of her belly after giving birth. The clicks were made in the style of royal maternity, that is, describing the reality and difficulties of puerperal women. The famous is married to the singer Ze Felipecountryman’s son Leonardo.

Together the two are the proud parents of Maria Alice and Maria Flor. The couple’s eldest daughter turned one year and four months old. While the youngest, nicknamed Florzinha, is five days old. She was born in the early morning of Saturday October 22.

The newborn came into the world by cesarean section measuring 48 centimeters and weighing 3,160 kilograms. After a few days in the maternity ward, as usual for the surgery, the mother and daughter came out. The family left the maternity ward, located in Goiânia, on Monday afternoon (24).

Virginia Fonseca and Zé Felipe posed for the photographers accompanied by their two daughters. The influencer gave the floor by betting on a see very daring. She appeared in a striped dress in white and lilac and purple sunglasses with a very flashy shaped frame. The newborn, meanwhile, wore red, a color that symbolizes the protection of babies.

We were delighted with the arrival of the little girl, the parents exchanged many tributes to the the Web. “My partner who is always with me, who doesn’t leave me even for 1 minute. Thank you for everything Josephino, the family we have built is beautiful, I love you forever. May God bless us and protect us from all harm, amen”, thanked the influencer. The singer also declared himself and said: “I love you sooooooooooo my girls”.

But, in addition to the moments of cuteness, the famous also shows the perrengues of maternity. Dressed in an adult diaper, the mother showed her belly and compared the evolution over the days. “The diaper is in place! But to be honest here, this diaper is life”, guaranteed Virginia Fonseca.

The influencer Virgínia Fonseca, wife of Zé Felipe, appeared in a diaper

Instagram replica The influencer Virgínia Fonseca, wife of Zé Felipe, posed in a diaper and explained

Virgínia Fonseca showed off her postpartum belly four days after the baby was born

Instagram replica Virgínia Fonseca showed off her belly four days after giving birth in a heartfelt click

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