Tourists trapped in cave after Grand Canyon elevator failure

Tourists are “housed” in underground suites
Grand Canyon Cavern

Tourists are “housed” in underground suites

A group of five tourists
were trapped for more than a day in the caves of Grand Canyon
em Fishing sources
Nope Arizona
(USA), after the elevator they were using broke down about 60 meters deep. Although they are trapped in one of the largest dry caves in the country, the place is a tourist development with hotel suites and even a restaurant, daily rates can cost R$5,000.

To CNN, Jon Paxton, a spokesman for the Coconino County Sheriff’s Office, explained that the group had been there since Sunday and that due to the situation, they were staying in the suites. The suite that accommodates tourists has a daily rate of R$5,330.80 (US$1,000), for two people.

“Five people were coming out of the caves when the elevator stopped working. Believing it was an electrical problem and a generator was brought in. But it’s not an electrical problem, it’s a mechanical issue,” Paxton said.

Although there is an exit via approximately 21 flights of stairs, according to the spokesperson, some stranded people are not physically able to tackle the journey due to health issues or age.

Until removed from site, tourists will remain “housed” in a room with two queen beds, a portable bathroom, and a kitchen with microwave and refrigerator.

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