There is still time to check the PIS and see if you have any money to receive

A Federal savings bank published on October 17 an additional batch of salary bonus payments SPI for more than a million workers. The maximum withdrawal amount reaches R$ 1,212, which is equivalent to a minimum salary. Additionally, those who have not withdrawn the benefit for the 2020 base year can still withdraw. The deadline is December 29.

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In the last batch published by the public company, the origin of the resources comes from old and revised allocations, requested in court or which have not been withdrawn in the calendars already closed, between 2016 and 2020. With new amounts available for withdrawal, it is important that the worker knows how to consult the PIS to find out if you are entitled to the money.

Who is entitled to the allowance?

In the case of the PIS, workers who meet the following rules can withdraw the benefit:

  • Workers in private companies who received up to two minimum monthly salaries (R$2,424) during the base year of calculation;
  • Citizens registered with the PIS for at least five years;
  • Who has worked with a formal contract for at least 30 days, consecutive or not, in the period included in the calculation; and
  • Workers whose data is correctly communicated by the employer to the government.

In the case of PASEP, the rules are the same, with the difference that the sums are intended for employees of public institutions, whose payments are made via the Banco do Brasil.

What is the amount of the compensation?

The amount to be paid for the salary bonus changes according to the number of months worked during the base year taken into account in the calculation. In addition, the current minimum wage also matters. See below how much the worker can withdraw via the Table PIS 2022:

  • 1 month worked: 101 BRL
  • 2 months worked: 202 BRL
  • 3 months worked: 303 BRL
  • 4 months worked: 404 BRL
  • 5 months worked: 505 BRL
  • 6 months worked: 606 BRL
  • 7 months worked: 707 BRL
  • 8 months worked: 808 BRL
  • 9 months worked: 909 BRL
  • 10 months worked: 1,010 BRL
  • 11 months worked: 1,111 BRL
  • 12 months worked: 1,212 BRL

How to consult the PIS?

To find out whether or not you are entitled to the allowance, the citizen must access the Caixa Tem or Caixa Trabalhador applications, both available for download on Android and iOS devices.

Another consultation option is to use the citizen portal, which gathers information on benefits and social programs. Caixa also provides assistance by telephone, at the numbers 111 or 0800-726-0207 (in options 3 and 2).

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