‘The Voice’ contestant has heart attack and talks fatphobia

Singer Kall Medrado took part in The Voice program in 2014, when she saw all the judges’ chairs turning to her talent. At the time, she chose to be part of Claudia Leitte’s team and went through four stages of the program. But a lot has changed in eight years. She had a heart attack, underwent bariatric surgery, faced fatphobia and today, in addition to releasing her album Musi-Kall, she is openly telling her story of overcoming.

“Sometimes I get emotional because of my background. I’m resistance. I have a very strong mother who always fought for people she didn’t even know. I learned to live like that and I can’t be different,” he said. said, in an interview with Universe.

From an early age, Kall says he suffered from fatphobia. A graduate in performing arts from the Federal University of Bahia, Kall never got a job in her field, for example, because of the prejudices people had about her body.

“I have always been connected with the arts, but when I graduated in 2007, people in the market treated the obese person as disabled, they thought I had a disease. I always had a lot of friends artists and I became the ‘chicken soup.’ My friends, at an event, they saw me and invited me to sing a little,” says Kall.

In 2014, she had the opportunity to participate in the first edition of The Voice Brasil. During the audition, her body didn’t matter, only the power of her voice. “It was a turning point in my life and in my career. In fact, I didn’t even have a career, it started to exist after the show. Social networks were gaining momentum at the time. With that , in addition to TV, I managed to have visibility and reach my profiles very well. I even started to wonder how I was going to fill this new void in my life”.

According to her, Globo and the program have opened many doors and brought many opportunities. “At Carnival 2015, Cláudia Leitte gave me the opportunity to sing with her in the trio. I participated in blocks and big events”, he recalls. The problem is that after a while the buzz disappeared. Cold said he met several people on his way who promised worlds and funds, but found himself back at square one. “I felt lost.”

Determined to pursue her career in the arts, she heard judgments about her body all the time. “Every day they told me I was wrong, that I needed to lose weight. I heard it from my friends, from my family and even from strangers, entrepreneurs… I know that my friends and my family are victims, they spoke with my God in mind, because they know the suffering I have endured,” he said.

health at risk

For Cold, the weight ended up influencing her health, but she didn’t know it until she ended up in the hospital in 2018. Her friends were already celebrating when she arrived and she decided to take some energy drinks to have fun with them, not knowing that she was dealing with silent health issues. Took four liters of energy at a party with friends – and became a bomb ready to explode.

“Imagine doing this without knowing that you were hypertensive, with high cholesterol and uncontrolled diabetes. I started to feel my body freezing. I felt nothing. I stopped. I called a friend and they took me to the hospital,” he recalls. During the consultation, she could not even explain to the doctors what had happened.

Kall Medrado has become a voice in the fight against fatphobia - Disclosure - Disclosure

Kall Medrado has become a voice in the fight against fatphobia

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“It looked like a scene from a movie. A lot of people were around me, wondering if it was a drug effect and I was wondering if I was really dead. I couldn’t tell that I hadn’t used of drugs., my body muscles were all blocked. It was my friend who told me that I had taken energy drinks. I was hospitalized for 10 hours.

She regrets putting routine exams aside at the time. “It could have been completely different. Who knows today, I wouldn’t be a fat, independent and healthy woman?”, she wonders, but also points out that even doctors are generally fatphobic in their offices. .

For her, there was only one option left, according to the doctors: bariatric surgery. However, she waited 10 months to make the decision to go to the operating room. He researched, got informed, took the necessary tests and started to take better care of his health. “The support of my family was essential at that time.”

“I started to feel normal. Look how absurd it is”

After her surgery, Kall created the “Bariatric Diary” to share her weight loss process with her 820,000 followers today. At first, she felt relieved to see her body losing weight. “I had clothes that I had been wearing for thirty years that suddenly didn’t fit me anymore. Living alone in São Paulo, I was in despair.”

The ability to buy clothes from any store that suited her was something new, but one that she also sees as a sign of the abuse faced by fat women. “I started to feel normal. Look how absurd it is,” he says.

Despite everything, she received a lot of grossophobic comments disguised as compliments. “People praised me, said I was thin and beautiful. But I looked at their faces and I didn’t feel happy. When you start to understand prejudice, you try, in a polite way, to guide people so that they don’t make that mistake anymore,” he explains.

Cold even started rethinking the content it made available on line not pressuring others to become thin and not making value judgments about bodies. “I decided to show my weaknesses and give a voice to fight fatphobia. When I started, I posted the before and after versions. If you ask me to do it today, I will say no . I’m not proud of it,” he says.

Today, Kall has a healthy relationship with the body. You know exercise is good for your health, so you take the time to do it. Understand that being thin is not synonymous with being beautiful or successful. According to her, she has become a reference voice in the fight against fatphobia.

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