the prize is accumulating and the next competition will have 130 million reais

No bet matched the six dozen in the Mega-Sena 2533 contest and the accumulated prize amounted to 130 million reais. The draw took place on Wednesday night (26), in São Paulo. The figures revealed today were 17-18-20-37-45-53.

If no one touches the main strip, 134 bets have reached the corner and will payout R$59,636.65. For the 11,048 players on the pitch, the price will be R$1,033.32.

When is the next draw?

Competition 2534 is due to take place next Saturday (29). The event will start at 8 p.m. (Brasilia time) and will be broadcast live on the Internet, on Caixa’s official YouTube channel, and with the possibility of simultaneous exposure by RedeTV! (the official lottery calendar no longer informs in advance which draw will be broadcast on open television, being always one per day).

How to participate in the next Mega-Sena draw?

You must place a bet of six to 15 numbers at Caixa’s ID lotteries or on the bank’s special lottery website. All bets registered until 7:00 p.m. on the day of the draw participate in the next competition.

How much does it cost to bet on Mega-Sena?

It depends on how many numbers you intend to put in the game. The minimum bet now costs R$ 4.50, and you are allowed to choose six tens from 1 to 60. If you want to place an additional number to increase the chances of winning, the price of the game goes up to R$ 31.50. In the most expensive scenario, with 15 numbers on the wheel, the bet costs BRL 22,522.50.

What have been the biggest prizes in regular Mega-Sena contests?

  • 2.525, 01/10/2022, 2 winning bets; total price : R$ 317.8 mi
  • 2.150, 05/11/2019, 1 winning bet; total price : R$ 289.4 mi
  • 2.237, 2/27/2020; 2 winning bets; total price : R$ 211.6 mi
  • 1.764, 11/25/2015; 1 winning bet; total price : R$ 205.3 mi
  • 1.772, 2015-12-22; 2 winning bets; total price : R$ 197.4 mi
  • 2.463, 2022-03-19; 2 winning bets; total price : R$ 189.3 mi
  • 1.655, 11/22/2014; 2 winning bets; total price : R$ 135.3 mi
  • 2.161, 6/19/2019; 1 winning bet; total price : R$ 124.2 mi
  • 2.189, 9/18/2019: 1 winning bet; total price : R$120 mi
  • 1.220, 2010-06-10; 1 winning bet; total price : R$ 119.1 mi
  • 1.575, 2/19/2014; 1 winning bet; total price : R$ 111.5 mi
  • 1.953, 7/29/2017; 1 winning bet; total price : R$ 107.9 mi

And what are my chances of winning the Mega-Sena?

It also varies depending on the number of tens in your bet. With the smallest (R$4.50), with six numbers, the chance of hitting all the balls drawn and winning the biggest prize is one in 50,063,860. By playing an extra ten (R$31, 50), the probability increases. It becomes one in 7,151,980. Whoever is willing to pay more than R$22,500 on the bet with 15 tens will have a one in 10,003 chance of hooking everything and becoming a millionaire.

How does the pool that Caixa sells at lottery outlets work?

These draws are organized by Caixa accredited lottery outlets. These are group bets with a stipulated minimum prize of R$10 in the case of Mega-Sena. The mandatory minimum fee per participant is R$ 5. In this modality, there may be an additional service fee of 35% of the quota value. The Mega-Sena pool allows from 2 to 100 actions. In each pool, it is possible to place ten different bets.

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Yes, this combination has already been drawn. Also see how many times your scores have already been in the Mega-Sena.


This combination was never good.

Numbers must be between 1 and 60 without repetitions


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