The judges angry at the public withdrawal of the referees who missed an absurd penalty, in the match Flamengo and Santos – Prisma

Sao Paulo, Brazil

VAR: “He doesn’t hit the sweep”

Referee: “He cuts and he falls. And the other stands in front of him”
VAR: “I don’t see it as a penalty here, do I? The leg is already stopped. The foot stops to the side and he stumbles on the foot. He can’t kick, isn’t right?”
AVAR: “Is this contact without impact, Adriano?”
VAR: “No impact”
AVA: “Perfect”
AVAR: “It’s true. A camera. Look at that impact, Adriano”
VAR: “I don’t see any impact here. The leg is already stopped. There’s contact there. It’s coming back a bit. That knee to knee there”
AVAR: “And André is on top of the game too, you can see that. Watch André watch the game well”
VAR: “The leg is already there. Turning in that direction, it will hit the defender. For me, normal throw.”

Thus began the biggest nightmare of Brazilian refereeing, since the arrival of VAR in the country in 2018.

The offer gathered everything it couldn’t.

In yesterday’s game, at the Maracanã, Matheuzinho, from Flamengo, beat Camacho, from Santos, in a clear and indisputable way. Clear penalty.

Judge André Luiz Freitas Castro was eight meters from the game, facing the field. But he lacked the safety to score the penalty and passed responsibility to Adriano Milczvski, head of video refereeing.

The error was already very serious.

But for the duo’s astral hell to be complete, the worst that could happen happened. In the same move, Flamengo lost speed and Pedro scored a humiliating goal against Santos.

The match ended 3-1 for the red-black.

And with a general revolt of the players, the technical commission and, mainly, the Santos administration. The club, with the loss to mixed team Flamengo, stalled in 12th place. Moving away from the dream of playing in the pre-Libertadores, which should be reserved for the Brazilian’s top eight.

President Andrés Rueda banned everyone from being interviewed at the Maracanã in protest.

And he even posted a note poking fun at the situation.

“President Ednaldo,

“Why does the CBF have a VAR?

“This refereeing is shameful and harms Brazilian football more and more. You have to exclude this VAR referee and the pitch referee. We demand that these gentlemen never play in our games again.

“Not even a VAR request was made. We understand this has gone from a common mistake to a disastrous action.

“What they did today was criminal.

“In the last two games, we sent error letters and we didn’t even receive a response. On the contrary, we were injured again.

“In several matches, biased referees. Should we think it’s something directed?

“Why is Mr. Seneme lying that they are investing in training, if these referees don’t have any preparation?

“What else should happen?”

“Santos will no longer tolerate this recurring lack of professionalism from an entity that has clubs as its priority.

“We want the referee’s conversation with VAR to be made public immediately. Enough of the ‘errors’ which, being so gross, lead us to believe that they are not just mistakes.”

But, in an unprecedented way, just after the match, he suspended the two referees involved in the capital error of the match.

“The CBF Arbitration Committee has decided to suspend indefinitely the referees André Luiz de Freitas Castro and the video referee (VAR) Adriano Milczvski for having understood that their performance, in the match between the Flamengo x Santos teams, is valid for Round 34 of Serie A 2022, was below required standards. Said officials will be included in the Refereeing Performance Assistance Program.”

The decision was firm, fair, but without the slightest need to be public.

The referees, in addition to knowing they were wrong, were humiliated.

The decision could be made internally.

The situation arises when the Brazilian referees decided to create the National Federation of Referees, in Recife.

Unions in Ceará, Paraná, Rio de Janeiro, Rio Grande do Sul and São Paulo are at the origin of the movement. Lawyer Gislaine Nunes, who helped create the Pelé law, gives legal shelter to arbitrators.

The manifestation of the creation of the Federation was harsh.

“A historic moment for us, who have been waiting for this for 25 years. In a moment of chaos, order has been restored. The Federation comes to fight on equal terms with the CBF. The only difference is the budget. possible strategies.While the Brazilian referee will be valued.Now with a detail: a legitimate representation within the judicial field, with all possible weapons.Brazilians.

“Entities are to be congratulated. Out of 27 states, we are here with 24. It shows union, it shows that everything we have done so far has credibility. To free the Brazilian referee from this slavery that has been going on for so long in the hands of the CBF and the federations,” said the president of the National Association of Referees, Salmo Valentim.

The meeting for the creation of the Federation of Referees took place in August.

And they promise not to back down.

What happened yesterday was very badly received by the most experienced judges.

They realized that they are under more and more pressure.

And not supported.

Remembering that they follow amateurs.

They are not professional.

There is no interest from the CBF, due to labor issues, such as retirement.

The situation is very complicated.

A tougher position, such as a referee strike, is not excluded.

There is a lot of anger over what happened to André Luiz Freitas Castro and Adriano Milczvski.

With humiliation in the public square…

São Paulo at the top of the ranking of the greatest champions despite the bad phase

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