The Civil Police of São Paulo receives the BYD D1 EV electric van

BYD donated one unit of its D1 EV electric minibus to the São Paulo State Civil Police. The intention of the manufacturer is to have the model evaluated by several divisions of the company.

This model arrived in Brazil with a different proposal from the luxurious Han and Tan: the BYD D1 EV is focused on passenger transport, such as applications and taxi services. To run a vehicle, he was given a gyroflex, siren, strobes, and a cell in the trunk.

car byd d1 ev civil police sao paulo rear
The characterization even includes the cell in the trunk (Photo: BYD | Disclosure)


In order to charge the electric vehicle, BYD installed a 7KW type 2 charger in the Transport Division of the Civil Police. The use of electric cars can lead to reduced maintenance and fuel costs for the company.

Details of BYD D1 EV

For those unaware, the BYD D1 EV is 4.39m long, similar to the Chevrolet Spin. Its width of 1.85 m makes it 10 cm wider than the national minivan. Its interior space is larger due to the shorter hood, which translates into more space for the cabin.

The electric van brings comforts such as a power-operated sliding right rear door, dual-zone climate control, headlights with automatic ignition, a full ADAS package and a key fob. The electric motor generates 130 hp and 18.3 kgfm.

The range is 371 km and you get 80% capacity in 35 minutes of fast charging. BYD uses lithium-iron-phosphate batteries, called Blade, which are safer. The price of the D1 EV is R$269,990.


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