The body of the TV Globo journalist will be veiled in RJ

The funeral wake for journalist Susana Naspolini, who died yesterday of cancer, will take place this Thursday (27), starting at 8 a.m. (Brasilia time), at the São João Batista Cemetery Church, in Botafogo, Rio de Janeiro.

The funeral ceremony will be open to the public. The family asked the journalist’s fans not to film the coffin. The information was confirmed to Splash by the TV Globo press office.

Susana had been hospitalized for more than a week in São Paulo. The journalist was diagnosed with metastatic cancer of the hip bone.

In September, she spent eight days in Rio de Janeiro due to infection and low immunity.

Last week, Julia, Susana’s daughter, also posted a video on her mother’s profile explaining the situation, considered very serious by doctors.

“She had metastases in her hip bone, it had already spread to the bone marrow since July. So she came with stronger chemotherapy, which caused her to lose her hair. But the metastasis went away. has spread to several other organs, including the liver.” is very compromised. [o médico] says they don’t know what else to do, they don’t know if there is anything else to do and that her condition is very serious. I don’t know what to do,” the teenager said at the time.

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Getting started in journalism

Susana Naspolini was born on December 20, 1972 in Criciúma, Santa Catarina. In 1991, at age 18, he faced cancer for the first time. At the time, she was studying journalism at the Federal University of Santa Catarina and had just started an acting class at Tablado, in Rio de Janeiro, to pursue her dream of working as an actress.

However, he had to stop his studies after discovering lymphoma. She underwent 12 chemotherapy sessions in São Paulo and lost her hair during the treatment.

At 19, Susana was hired by SBT in Florianópolis and worked at the station until she graduated. Then she joined RBS, a subsidiary of Globo in the south of the country, where she worked for two years as editor-in-chief and presenter of the local newspaper.

He also had a brief stint at TV Vanguarda, a TV Globo subsidiary in São José dos Campos, inside São Paulo.

Success at Globo with RJ Mobile

In 2001, she met her husband, Maurício Torres. He, who worked at Esporte da Globo in Rio, appointed Susana for a temporary journalist position at GloboNews in 2002.

After two years as a reporter, he joined Canal Futura. He also worked in the production of Editorial Rio on TV Globo and in the reporting team of the TV news “Bom Dia Rio” and “RJTV”. In 2008, in a rotation system with other reporters, he begins to present “RJ Móvel”, part of “RJ1”, the painting that will change his career. From 2013, she became the council’s main presenter.

In the attraction, residents of the capital Rio de Janeiro reported problems such as stopped work, abandoned plazas or potholes to the station. It was then that Susana intervened, summoning an authority, from the municipal executive or the state, to provide live clarification and give a deadline to resolve the problem. The date was marked by the reporter on a large calendar. On the appointed day, Susana returned to the site to collect the promised solution.

All this was done with a lot of humor by the journalist, who tried to feel the evils of the population on her skin. To do this, he climbed walls and trees, entered holes, rode his bike on rough tracks and played with poorly maintained toys.

It was common to see her using costumes and props to illustrate the issue. Once he disguised himself as an alligator to demand the renovation of a bridge at Recreio dos Bandeirantes. On another occasion, he performed a “rain dance” to protest the lack of water in Nova Iguaçu. To celebrate the resumption of a place in Bangu, she simulated an Oscar ceremony, wore a long dress, skated and raced down the toboggan.

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The villagers tell me the dramas and we create the situations together. It is my duty to know what can and cannot be done live. If they can’t ride a bike, I have to show it. If the resident puts a plastic bag on his foot to go to the sewer, I will put it too. Susana Naspolini at UOL in 2019

“I do not create or increase. The journalist is a human being like any other, who is there fulfilling the obligation to show a problem. It is my fight”, he declared, in an interview with UOL in 2019.

The response from the people was affectionate: Susana used to make live entries drinking coffee, eating barbecues and sometimes even receiving gifts from the characters in her articles.

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The relaxed manner took the journalist to the stands of Sapucaí during the carnival, covering the popular reaction to the parades. In 2017, he also began presenting “Globo Comunidade”, broadcast on Sunday mornings, which featured articles produced by local editorials in Rio de Janeiro.

fight against cancer

After first battling cancer in 1991, Susana returned to battle the disease nineteen years later in 2010 at the age of 37. She discovered a micronodule in the breast, breast cancer, and after radiotherapy, she underwent a total mastectomy. in the right chest. During treatment, he also discovered a thyroid tumor.

In 2016, she again faced breast cancer and spent about six months away from television. At the end of the year he returned to order “RJ Móvel” with the right to a party with flowers and cake in the streets of Campo Grande, west of Rio, in addition to tributes from colleagues and viewers.

There was no lack of emotion on the return of @susananaspolini! Watch the surprise our team and viewers made:

— g1 Rio (@g1rio) November 7, 2016

In 2020, Susana was diagnosed with pelvic cancer. The reporter sought to update her followers on the treatment, always with a broad smile, and said she was heartened by the responses from those with her.

“I think life has more meaning when we share the happy stories with the most difficult ones. When I found out about the diagnosis and took to Instagram to share it, I received so much love that it made me feel better. ‘gave a mind injection. a lot of difference in my mindset. The stories encourage you to improve,’ he said in an interview with Universa, in April this year.

By July 2022, the disease had spread to the bone marrow, requiring stronger venous chemotherapy. The following month, she posted a video in which she shaves her hair with the help of her daughter.

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In September, Susana spent eight days in hospital treating an infection and weak immunity. She celebrated the release with a post alongside healthcare professionals on social media.

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In October, Julia, the journalist’s daughter, reported that the metastasis had spread to several other organs, compromising the liver and leaving the journalist in very serious condition.

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