German President arrives in Ukraine for his first visit since the start of the war

posted on 25/10/2022 15:51 (credit: Michael Sohn/AFP) German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has arrived in Kyiv for his first visit to Ukraine since the start of the war, which began nearly nine months ago. The trip comes amid unsubstantiated allegations by the Kremlin that Ukraine is planning to use a dirty bomb. Steinmeier plans to meet … Read more

″Wagner Line″. How Russian troops are trying to stop Ukrainian advances

Russian mercenaries in Ukraine have been building a line of defense for several days to try to stop kyiv’s counter-offensive in certain regions. This is the case in Hirske, in eastern Ukraine, where Russian fighters are preparing a defensive line of about 24 kilometers. Made up of concrete blocks or deep trenches, this defense zone … Read more

New Russian attacks cause power outages in several regions of Ukraine – News

New Russian attacks on Saturday against infrastructure in western Ukraine caused power cuts in several regions of the country, the operator Ukrenergo and the Ukrainian authorities said. Russian forces “carried out another missile attack against energy infrastructure on major networks in western Ukraine. , Ukrenergo announced on social networks. On October 10, Russia attacked Ukraine … Read more

Ukraine says it has recaptured 88 localities in southern Russia – News

Ukraine said on Friday it had regained 88 localities in the southern region of Kherson, one of four regions annexed by Russia earlier this month. “Kherson region: 88 localities recovered,” Kirilo Timoshenko, adviser to the Ukrainian presidency, said on Telegram. Local Russian officials have promised to turn Kherson, the region’s main city, into a “fortress”. … Read more

Putin declares martial law in annexed regions of Ukraine

posted on 20/10/2022 06:00 (credit: Sergei Ilyin/Sputnik/AFP) For the first time since World War II, Russia has introduced martial law – the measure limits individual freedoms, imposes restrictions on movement and gives authorities superpowers. The decree covers Donetsk and Luhansk (east) and Zaporizhzhia and Kherson (southeast), regions illegally annexed by Moscow at the end of … Read more

Ukrainian military claims to have destroyed 223 Iranian drones since September – News

Ukraine’s air force says it has destroyed 223 Iranian drones since mid-September, although Tehran denies supplying Russia with equipment for the Ukrainian offensive. “Since the first Iranian-made Shahed 136 “kamikaze” drone was shot down over Ukrainian territory on September 13 in Kupiansk, the air defense of the Air Force and other components of the defense … Read more