Understand why some people get more than one type of cancer in their lifetime – News

The case of the journalist Susana Naspolini, died Tuesday (25), at the age of 49, raises the question of why some people may have more than one type of cancer in their lifetime. Experts cite a genetic predisposition and increased likelihood of metastasis – when the tumor spreads to other organs – in some forms … Read more

‘Rough Day’ Newscast

The death of Susana Naspolini (1973-2022) shook Ana Paula Araújo, presenter of Bom Dia Brasil, on Globo. This Tuesday (26), the journalist admitted that the whole team was having a painful day because of mourning. Susana died on Tuesday (25), after battling cancer that had spread throughout her body. “A particularly difficult day for us,” … Read more

Daughter, mother and widow of Botafogo fans, ‘calendar-listed’ Susana Naspolini seeks a spot in the 2019 Libertadores

Journalism Reference, Susana Naspolini died this Tuesday (25/10) after a battle with cancer at the age of 49. Natural from Criciumain the southern state of Santa Catarina, the journalist came from a family of football fans. Botafogo. Besides being a mother and daughter of the Botafogo people, Susana was married for many years to Mauricio … Read more

Father Omar celebrates mass for Susana Naspolini; Mariana Gross assists | Rio de Janeiro

Mariana Gross participates in the mass in intention of Susana Naspolini – Reproduction of Instagram Mariana Gross takes part in the mass for the intention of Susana NaspoliniInstagram Reading Posted on 22/10/2022 14:42 Rio – Father Omar celebrated a mass this Saturday in the Nossa Senhora da Gratidão chapel, in the Botanical Garden, for the … Read more

Susana Naspolini’s daughter cries as she talks about her mother’s serious condition: “I don’t know what to do” – Quem

+ Julia, daughter of Susana Naspolini (Photo: Reproduction/Instagram) Journalist Susana Naspolini, 49, had a worsening of her health. The Globo TV presenter is undergoing treatment in search of a cure for metastatic pelvic bone cancer and is hospitalized in serious condition in São Paulo. The news was given by the daughter of the journalist, Juliacrying … Read more

Susana Naspolini has deteriorating health, her daughter cries and asks for prayers

Julia, daughter of Susana Naspoliniposted a video on the mother’s Instagram page to update the reporter’s condition. Crying a lot, the girl asked for prayers and said the doctors didn’t know what else to do as the cancer had spread. “His condition is very serious, very serious”, lamented the young girl. continue after ad At … Read more