“They have to pay more than 100 MI BRL”; Real Madrid can sign Arrascaeta ‘partner’ from Flamengo

Flamengo Due to the quality presented on the pitch, the Spaniards do not want to make the contract with Rubro-Negro in any way For Pedro Zanuzzi 2022-10-24 – 12:40 PM BRT 2022-10-24 – 12:40 PM BRT Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo – Arrascaeta could lose one of their midfield partners to Mais Querido. O Flamengo prepares … Read more

“Wanting big stars, always…”; Signing Cristiano Ronaldo after Libertadores ‘clean’ by Flamengo manager

Flamengo CR7 is considered in Mengão in case the Club reaches the Interclub World Cup For Romario Junior 24/10/2022 – 10:00hs BRT 24/10/2022 – 10:00hs BRT © (Photo: Laurence Griffiths/Getty Images)-Cristiano Ronaldo the direction of Flamengo are already anticipating the planning of the next season and specific reinforcements are on the agenda, especially if the … Read more

Diniz gives only one reason for Flamengo to win titles and not Fluminense: ‘Fight hard to compete’

Flamengo Mengão arrives in the deciding straight of the season in new finals and his rival reveals the winning formula For Thiago Soares 24/10/2022 – 09:59hs BRT 24/10/2022 – 09:59hs BRT © 1287Agif/Thiago Ribeiro – Fernando Diniz explains the difference between the flu and the flu Flamengo’s sovereignty over the past four seasons has intensified … Read more

“For them, it was just another…”; Vítor Pereira tackles the Copa do Brasil issue and talks about the red-black conquest

Flamengo The teams decided the Copa do Brasil last Wednesday (19), with Flamengo winning on penalties For Little Lucas 2022-10-23 13:43 BRT 2022-10-23 13:43 BRT Photo: Marcello Zambrana/AGIF – Vítor Pereira didn’t win any cups for Timão. A few days after the Copa do Brasil final, fans of Flamengo continues to celebrate the fourth achievement … Read more

Arrasca wins ‘surprise gift’ after Copa do Brasil and Nation don’t miss chance to mock flu: ‘Trying to control yourself’

Flamengo The Uruguayan midfielder has acknowledged his achievements and the honor even leads to mockery with his rival For Thiago Soares 2022-10-22 – 21:30 BRT 2022-10-22 – 21:30 BRT © 1287Agif/Thiago Ribeiro – Arrascaeta wins the honor Flamengo fans are witnesses one of the most successful generations in the history of the Club. There are … Read more

“Just after Libertadores”; Dorival says “yes” and Flamengo wants to sign a contract with 2 medallions who played in Europe

Flamengo The board is working behind the scenes and has a plan in place, which should be put into practice after the final against Athletico-PR For Pedro Zanuzzi 21/10/2022 – 16:49hs BRT 21/10/2022 – 16:49hs BRT Photo: Gilvan de Souza/Flamengo – Dorival approves this decision of the board of directors. Even after winning a very … Read more