‘Going Crazy’ Newscast

[Atenção: este texto pode ser sensível a pessoas com depressão e ansiedade] Deolane Bezerra again brought serious charges in A Fazenda 14. After claiming that Thomaz Costa was taking drugs to induce sympathy in the public, the lawyer said that Deborah Albuquerque was only taking drugs because she was in confinement. “Go crazy,” he said. … Read more

The A Fazenda 2022 survey points to the humiliation of the participants; see partial · newscast

Petala Barreiros has a humiliating rejection in the dispute over who will stay in A Fazenda 14 on the sixth farm of the season. While the businesswoman stands out as the least loved by the public, Vinicius Buttel is the favorite on the Record show this Thursday (26). Bárbara Borges and Pelé Milflows are also … Read more

Kerline cheated with the lantern? Find out if the power will be cut in A Fazenda 14 TV News

Pétala Barreiros’ team has accused Kerline Cardoso of cheating during the formation of the spinoff in A Fazenda 14. The directors took a video in which the former BBB would make a “three” sign, her hand pressed on the bench as if it were giving a warning about green energy. Lantern owner Kerline got immunity … Read more

Brenda Paixão announces the end of the idyll with Matheus Sampaio after Power Couple: “Applause for happiness”

Entertainment Digital influencers were the big winners of reality couples on Record this year 2022 For Thais Fonseca 25/10/2022 – 23:17hs BRT 25/10/2022 – 23:17hs BRT Brenda Paixão announces the end of her romance with Matheus Sampaio after Power Couple. Image: Power Couple Brasil official channel on YouTube. Digital influencer Brenda Paixão, champion of the … Read more

‘I’m Not Gonna Shut Up’ TV News

Shayan Haghbin sued some participants of A Fazenda 14. Ejected from the reality of Record, the Iranian said that his opponents will have to pay for accusing him of harassment and also for having reproduced xenophobic phrases during the dynamics of the ’emission. “I will not be silent,” he promised. The entrepreneur spoke about it … Read more

“You keep feeling disgusting, dirty”

Entertainment Participants commented on the supposed looks Shayan gave For Lawrence Berger 25/10/2022 – 18:26hs BRT 25/10/2022 – 18:26hs BRT Photos: TV playback/recording In conversation at the academy of The Farm 14, Petal of Barreiros makes a long diatribe. in conversation with small strawberry, the peoa said she was harassed inside the house, when she … Read more

Bárbara, Pele, Petala and Vini are in the countryside; poll TV news

Bárbara Borges, Pelé Milflows, Pétala Barreiros and Vinicius Buttel are in the sixth field of A Fazenda 14. The fields have been defined this Tuesday evening (25). Who do you want to stay on Record’s reality show? Vote in the poll news channel in this text. Winner of the trial by fire, Kerline Cardoso was … Read more

Farm 14: Deolane’s mother gets carried away, provokes Deborah’s family members and blows up peoa: “Dirty cow”

entertainment The matriarch went live while watching the reality show and, screaming, cursed Deolane’s former friend, even going so far as to insult her family. For Thais Fonseca 25/10/2022 – 18:51hs BRT 25/10/2022 – 18:51hs BRT Deolane’s mother gets carried away, provokes Deborah’s family members and blows up the peoa. Pictures: PlayPlus Play. Deolane Bezerra’s … Read more

“Proof that she didn’t even do anything”

Entertainment Some confined have again commented on the performance of the artist, who has become the big winner of reality TV For Guilherme Corte 25/10/2022 – 14:34hs BRT 25/10/2022 – 14:34hs BRT Image 1: TV playback/recording. Photo 2: Reproduction/Official Instagram of Jojo Todynho. Recently, Vini Buttel, confined to The Farm 14gave something to say when … Read more