‘Angelina Jolie Zombie’ reveals her face for the first time after being released from prison in Iran

posted on 26/10/2022 16:15 (credit: reproduction) “Angelina Jolie Zombie”, real name Fatemeh Khishvand, revealed her true face for the first time during an interview with the Iranian channel. Local News, after his release from prison. She rose to fame on the internet for looking like a “corpse” American actress. The public believed that she had … Read more

The most common symptoms of covid-19 have changed, find out why and what they are

posted on 26/10/2022 13:19 (credit: Marcelo Camargo/Agência Brasil) Covid-19 cases are on the rise in the Northern Hemisphere. However, the symptoms are slightly different from the previous ones. According to researchers involved in the Zoe Covid Study app, the circulation of distinct variants and vaccination coverage are factors in changing symptoms in infected people. The … Read more

Ludmilla responds to criticism after talking about country singers

published on 10/25/2022 17:59 / updated on 10/25/2022 18:00 (Credit: Reproduction/TV Globo) This Tuesday (25), Ludmilla hit back at the criticism she faced after saying country singers vote for Bolsonaro because he has a different background than funk. She has already declared her support for Lula’s election as president. “I think the sertanejo lives a … Read more

Cíntia Abravanel, daughter of Silvio Santos, suffers the aggression of her companion

published on 10/25/2022 17:54 / updated on 10/25/2022 17:55 (Credit: Playback/Instagram) Cíntia Abravanel, the eldest daughter, from the first marriage of Silvio Santos, experienced an embarrassing situation with her companion and stepfather of Tiago Abravanel. The eldest of the communicator and mother of the former BBB Tiago Abravanel, was assaulted by her companion with whom … Read more

Earth’s magnetic field can help date biblical events

posted on 25/10/2022 16:29 According to the study, archaeological excavations have succeeded in uncovering sites which were destroyed and which correspond to the stories told in the “Bible” – (credit: Yoav Vaknin) Researchers from Tel Aviv University and Hebrew University believe they can accurately date the date of the destruction of cities and thus compare … Read more

Anitta declares the end of her musical career and reveals her plans for the future

posted on 25/10/2022 15:17 (credit: BRIDGET BENNETT/AFP) At 29, Anitta is already considering her retirement as a singer. She said she would take this time to study and launch her acting career. “Of course I won’t. [cantar para sempre]. There’s no point for me to keep trying to keep doing things that won’t make new … Read more

German President arrives in Ukraine for his first visit since the start of the war

posted on 25/10/2022 15:51 (credit: Michael Sohn/AFP) German President Frank-Walter Steinmeier has arrived in Kyiv for his first visit to Ukraine since the start of the war, which began nearly nine months ago. The trip comes amid unsubstantiated allegations by the Kremlin that Ukraine is planning to use a dirty bomb. Steinmeier plans to meet … Read more

Study Shows Cats Change Their Behavior When They Hear Their Owner’s Voice

posted on 25/10/2022 06:00 (Credit: Ana Rayssa/Esp. CB/DA Press) A new study challenges the idea that cats don’t bond with humans. Published in the journal Animal Cognition, research shows that these animals can change their behavior when they hear their owner’s voice speaking in a tone directed at them. It is the same when they … Read more

HIV/AIDS patients fear lack of drugs

posted on 25/10/2022 06:00 Gardener Claudiney Alves has been on HIV/AIDS treatment since 1990 – (Credit: Personal Archives) Patients and associations for the defense of HIV/AIDS treatment in the Federal District warn of the risk of a lack of drugs to fight the disease. The reason for this is the reduction of R$407 million in … Read more

Kim Kardashian denounces Kanye West’s anti-Semitic remarks

posted on 24/10/2022 20:01 (credit: JEAN-BAPTISTE LACROIX) Kim Kardashian spoke out on social media on Monday 24, days after her ex-husband, rapper Kanye West, made posts deemed anti-Semitic. Without naming the musician, the businesswoman condemned the attitudes and said she was on the side of the Jewish community. Kris Jenner, mother of Kim, and her … Read more