Warner Bros. OFFICIALLY changes the name of the DCEU; Did you like the new?

It was confirmed yesterday that james gunn was hired as co-chair of the DC Studiosdivision of Discovery of Warner Bros. responsible for adapting the publisher’s comics into films, series and animations. Known for his work on films based on comic books such as the two ‘guardians of the galaxy‘e’The Suicide Squad‘, Gunn will share the … Read more

STJ vetoes CDC over contract termination with fiduciary disposition

In a contract for the purchase and sale of property with a fiduciary alienation guarantee, the rules of the Consumer Defense Code do not apply. In these cases, the resolution by default of the debtor must comply with the form provided for in Law 9.514/1997. The position prevents the buyer who has breached the contract … Read more

Find out why the mosquito prefers you and not the person next to you

Surely you have already had situations in which you have stopped to wonder why mosquitoes choose you, but not this person next to you. And while you scratch and try to get rid of the attacks, the other person is there, undisturbed. Don’t despair, because it’s not a curse or “those things that only happen … Read more

Regime shouldn’t pay for Alzheimer’s drugs without Anvisa registration

Health plan operators are not required to supply medications not registered by Anvisa. This is how the 4th chamber of private law of the Court of Justice of São Paulo understood by rejecting the request of a patient to oblige her health plan to pay for a drug for early Alzheimer’s. Racool_studio/FreepikPlan shouldn’t pay for … Read more

Climate change causes the spread of deadly diseases in all countries; to understand

Cholera, a disease that can be fatal within hours, was again detected and recorded more than 30 deaths in Haiti. The disaster, which killed more than 10,000 people between 2010 and 2019 in the country, has a contagion aggravated by climate change. Cholera is reappearing in Haiti and its increase is linked to climate change … Read more

Party with strippers at nursing home goes viral after elderly woman falls ill

Join the group and receive the main news of the region in real time. Continue after ad A party with gogoboys and strippers at a retirement home in Cartagena, Colombia, nearly ended in tragedy. The fact happened in September, but the video went viral on social networks. While the young men were dancing with the … Read more

The increase in products left at the supermarket checkout increased by 63% in 2022 – News

Even with the deflation of recent months, Brazilians are still limited in their food expenditure, going to the supermarket is 10% more expensive than at the beginning of the year and the amount of products left in the mouth of the cashier by consumers is become more obvious. Consumers deposit products at the checkout (Photo: … Read more

Banker wins lifelong health plan in court

Workers who have joined the supplementary private pension scheme have the right to maintain a health plan under the same conditions as when they were active, as long as this is provided for in the contract, so as not to harm the health of beneficiaries. The injunction was granted due to the contractual provision and … Read more

Venezuela has closed 15 radio stations this week, according to the press union

Venezuela’s National Telecommunications Commission (Conatel) this week ordered the closure of 15 radio stations operating in three of the country’s border states, according to a report by the National Union of Press Workers (SNTP), updated on Saturday. “Eight stations were closed in the state of Táchira (border with Colombia) by order of Conatel, for non-qualification,” … Read more

Can El Niño return in 2023?

The probability that La Niña will continue to be present during the next months of December 2022 and in January and February 2023 has increased by 75%. However, after the end of the weather phenomenon and a certain period of neutrality, the chances of return of the El Niño. The forecast comes from the International … Read more