‘Going Crazy’ Newscast

[Atenção: este texto pode ser sensível a pessoas com depressão e ansiedade] Deolane Bezerra again brought serious charges in A Fazenda 14. After claiming that Thomaz Costa was taking drugs to induce sympathy in the public, the lawyer said that Deborah Albuquerque was only taking drugs because she was in confinement. “Go crazy,” he said. … Read more

Tiago Ramos reveals why he didn’t stay with Deolane in A Fazenda 2022 TV News

Sent off from A Fazenda 14, Tiago Ramos assumed he was really interested in Deolane Bezerra. He did, however, confess that he got dumped by the lawyer on Record’s reality show. According to the digital influencer, the peoa fired him because he would have already a person waiting outside. “So I’ll keep mine,” he summed … Read more

‘Bitter Bad Person’ TV News

Outside of A Fazenda 14, Thomaz Costa rated Deolane Bezerra as “a very bad and bitter person” during Eliminated Live this Friday (21). The pawn also said that Petala Barreiros sought him out before the reality show on Record with the intention of being a couple. “With Deolane gone, peace at HQ would be perfect,” … Read more

Outraged, Deolane unleashes legal team against Record News TV

Unhappy with the expulsion of Tiago Ramos from A Fazenda 14 in the early hours of this Friday (21), Deolane Bezerra has called her legal team. The lawyer wants the model to return to confinement even after committing an assault. “It was unfair,” she said. “He can interrogate,” the lawyer suggested. “You have to question,” … Read more

‘It’s Not Your Problem’ Newscast

Adriane Galisteu finally raised her voice against Deolane Bezerra’s interruptions in A Fazenda 14. In this Thursday’s edition (20), the lawyer interfered with Thomaz Costa’s speech and was scolded by the host. “It’s not your problem, please,” complained the commander of the reality show. The climate happened after the artist asked the ex-Carousel a question. … Read more