‘Going Crazy’ Newscast

[Atenção: este texto pode ser sensível a pessoas com depressão e ansiedade] Deolane Bezerra again brought serious charges in A Fazenda 14. After claiming that Thomaz Costa was taking drugs to induce sympathy in the public, the lawyer said that Deborah Albuquerque was only taking drugs because she was in confinement. “Go crazy,” he said. … Read more

Unknowingly, Deborah commits a forbidden act and provokes two punishments TV News

Sunday (23) began with a punishment at A Fazenda 14. Deborah Albuquerque took hay from the animal area to burn on the wood stove in the seat. Therefore, all pedestrians received the penalty of 48 hours without a pool or hot tub. The redhead said she didn’t know it was forbidden. On Sunday morning, Deborah … Read more

Find out what happened at the A Fazenda 2022 party TV news

The walk of the pedestrians of A Fazenda 14, on the night of this Friday (21) and at dawn this Saturday (22), was marked by gossip on the track and also by the regret of Vinicius Buttel. After sparring with Shayan Haghbin, the MTV ex said he wasn’t proud he got embroiled in reality trouble. … Read more