Bolsonaro: Neymar’s support irritates the CBF summit – 10/25/2022 – Celebrities

Rio de Janeiro “Are you nervous? Bite your elbow!” This is how Neymar responded, displaying his white smile, to those who accused him of having used his hammocks to support Jair Bolsonaro for his re-election, in a video in which he appeared singing and dancing. It happened at the end of September and, since then, … Read more

Study Shows Cats Change Their Behavior When They Hear Their Owner’s Voice

posted on 25/10/2022 06:00 (Credit: Ana Rayssa/Esp. CB/DA Press) A new study challenges the idea that cats don’t bond with humans. Published in the journal Animal Cognition, research shows that these animals can change their behavior when they hear their owner’s voice speaking in a tone directed at them. It is the same when they … Read more

Adidas breaks up with Kanye West after anti-Semitic comments – 10/25/2022 – Celebrities

Sao Paulo Rapper Kanye West, 45, continues to face criticism after making anti-Semitic comments on his social media. Lawyer Camille Vasquez, 38, known for representing Johnny Depp in the lawsuit against Amber Heard, has left the musician’s trial and his ex-wife, Kim Kardashian, 42, also commented on the singer’s speech. In addition, Adidas has terminated … Read more

Neymar and Felipe Neto break up and no longer follow each other – 10/23/2022 – Celebrities

Sao Paulo Player Neymar and youtuber Felipe Neto broke up and stopped following each other on social media due to political differences on Sunday (23). The athlete supports re-election candidate Jair Bolsonaro PL and the youtuber supports the election of Luiz Inácio Lula da Silva (PT). The rift between the two happened after Neymar started … Read more

Carlinhos Maia and Lucas Guimarães announce their separation – 10/23/2022 – Celebrities

Sao Paulo Carlinhos Maia, 31, and Lucas Guimarães, 28, announced this Sunday (23) the end of their 13-year relationship — three of them were married. “Out of respect for everyone who’s been cheering and giving love to our relationship all this time, we’re communicating that we’ll be going our separate ways from here on out,” … Read more

‘World’s Smallest Chicken’ Becomes Famous in China, Becomes a Fever Among Pet Farmers – News

Chinese quail (Coturnix chinensis), also known as the “smallest chicken in the world”, is enjoying great success in China. Chinese interest in the species became a real fever, and it didn’t take long for the bird to become a trend among pet owners in the country. Measuring around 50cm, the “chicken” has proven to be … Read more