Study sets age limit for quitting smoking at zero health risk

A study published in the scientific journal Jama on Monday (24/10) recalls the age limit at which a smoker must stop if he does not want to increase his risk of premature death.

The work was carried out by researchers from the American Cancer Society, the University of Oxford and the National University of Malaysia analyzing health information from about 550,000 adults in the United States.

According to the researchers, smokers who quit at age 35 will have similar mortality rates to people who have never smoked. Those who quit their addiction at a later age will also benefit, but not as much.

double mortality

Research shows, for example, that people who quit smoking between the ages of 35 and 44 have a 21% higher risk of death than people who have never smoked. In the next age group, 45 to 54, the death rate is 47% higher among smokers than among those who have never smoked.

“Among men and women of various racial and ethnic groups, current smoking was associated with at least twice the all-cause mortality rate (compared to) never smoking,” the study authors state. “Quitting smoking, particularly at a younger age, was associated with substantial reductions in relative excess mortality associated with continued smoking,” the authors state.

Associated diseases

According to the National Cancer Institute, smoking is linked to the development of about 50 diseases, including several types of cancer – leukemia, bladder, pancreas, liver, cervix, esophagus, kidneys, larynx, pharynx, mouth, lung and stomach – diseases of the respiratory system and cardiovascular diseases.

There are still other health problems that are also associated with smoking: digestive tract ulcers, osteoporosis, cataracts, oral pathologies, sexual impotence in men, infertility in women, early menopause and pregnancy complications.

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