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The tax office has opened the consultation on the residual batch of income tax refunds. Over 471,000 contributors will be covered. Is this your case? The total value reaches 880 million reais and is impressive. See how to determine for yourself if you have debt and what the next steps are.

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If it wasn’t clear, the residual lots include ratepayers who fell into the fine mesh and settled with the lion. Now that all outstanding issues are resolved between the parties, they receive the value of the restitution.

The amount will be communicated to the citizens next Monday, 31.

Residual lot

As in the other installments of the reimbursement of the Income tax, the residual batches also follow the priority criterion to define the transfer. Thus, a total of R$ 269.9 million will initially be paid to taxpayers with legal priority. These are the groups:

  • People aged over 80 (6,483 people);
  • Contributors between 60 and 79 years old (54,365 people);
  • Taxpayers with a physical or mental disability or a serious illness (5,516 people);
  • Taxpayers whose main source of income is education (23,070 people).

The data was published by IRS. In addition to those mentioned above, 382,013 others will receive the refund lots, but outside the legal priority criterion. The money falls into the account indicated by each person when filing income tax. Another detail, the value is corrected by the Selic rate accumulated since the month following the delivery of the declaration until the month preceding the payment, with 1% the month of the deposit.

The query to find out if it is in the residual lot can be made through the agency page. Simply click on “My Income Tax” and “View Refund”. The taxpayer can also verify through the Revenue application.

If the money is not deposited, it will be necessary to request a redemption within up to one year through Banco do Brasil. You must go to the BB page or contact the Relationship Center to reschedule the credit. The telephone numbers are: 4004-0001 (capitals), 0800-729-0001 (other localities) and 0800-729-0088 (special telephone reserved for the hearing impaired).

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