Russia prepares response to nuclear attack amid tensions over ‘dirty bomb’ claim | World

Russia repeated its response to a nuclear attack on Wednesday in a drill that involved nuclear submarines, strategic bombers and ballistic missiles at a time of heightened tensions over a ‘dirty bomb’ allegation. that Moscow made against Ukraine.

  • Putin accuses Ukraine of ‘dirty bomb’ plans, says risks of global conflict are high
  • Western countries say Russia could be preparing a ‘dirty bomb’ pretext

Russian President Vladimir Putin watched from a distance as the annual exercise, called ‘Grom’ or ‘Thunder’, which uses test launches to test Moscow’s nuclear forces in a show of force meant to deter and intimidate enemies. and ballistic missile launches were successful. Putin said, according to the RIA news agency, that the potential for conflict in the world and in the region remains high.

The Pentagon said a day earlier that Russia had given notice of its intention to carry out the exercises at a time when NATO is practicing using US nuclear bombs based in Europe during its annual “Steadfast Noon” war games. . Russia is on the back foot in Ukraine and has accused Ukraine of planning to detonate a “dirty bomb” with radioactive material. serve as justification for a kind of escalation on the Russian battlefield.

Western officials have expressed concern that Moscow may be tempted to use a low-yield “tactical” nuclear weapon in Ukraine in an attempt to force kyiv to surrender at a time when Ukrainian forces are advancing inside the province of Kherson occupied by Russia, threatening a major defeat for Moscow.

US President Joe Biden warned Moscow on Tuesday that such a move would be an “incredibly serious mistake”. arsenal, which includes the largest nuclear stockpile in the world, but did not specifically discuss tactical nuclear weapons.

Russian officials have said Moscow’s protective nuclear umbrella has been extended to four Ukrainian regions that Putin says he annexed, a move not recognized by kyiv or the West, while stressing his desire to avoid nuclear conflict. At the UN Security Council, Russian Defense Minister Sergei Shoigu briefed his Chinese counterpart Wei Fenghe via video, telling him of Moscow’s concern over what he called “potential provocations” by kyiv involving a “dirty bomb”, said the Ministry of Shoigu.

A close ally of Putin, Shoigu held a similar videoconference with his Indian counterpart. Rajnath Singh, India’s defense minister, said in Shoigu that nuclear weapons should not be used by any side in the war in Ukraine, according to an Indian government statement.

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