Russia fakes nuclear counterattack after insinuating Ukraine is planning ‘dirty bomb’

MOSCOW – A Russia conducted military training simulating a nuclear counterattack against the Ukraine this Wednesday 26, while the authorities of the Kremlinincluding the president Vladimir Poutinecontinue to fuel the narrative that Kyiv intends to attack its own territory with a “dirty bomb” ― explosive contaminated with radioactive materials or chemical agents ― and blame Moscow by the attack.

“Under the leadership of the Supreme Commander of the Armed Forces, Vladimir Putin, the land, sea and air strategic deterrent forces carried out training, during which practical ballistic and cruise missile launches were carried out,” the official said. Kremlin in a published note. Wednesday. .

At least one ballistic missile, capable of carrying a nuclear warhead, was launched over the Kamchatka Peninsula in the country’s Far East, while a second explosive was fired from a nuclear submarine from the waters of the Barents Sea in the Arctic. Long-range Tu-95 bombers also took part in the movement, simulating shelling. The training was considered a success by the Kremlin, which says all the missiles hit their targets.

The Yars intercontinental ballistic missile is fired during training by Russian nuclear forces.
The Yars intercontinental ballistic missile is fired during training by Russian nuclear forces. Photo: Press Service of the Russian Defense Ministry/PA

In a video shown on Russian state television, Putin appears in a meeting room in Moscow, watching training and talking to the Minister of Defense, Sergei Shoigu, which qualifies the military exercises as a success. According to Shoigu, the drills practiced “a massive nuclear strike by strategic offensive forces in response to an enemy nuclear strike.”

Although Moscow informed the United States in advance of the annual strategic exercises, which are called “Grom” (Thunder) as stipulated by disarmament treaties, the training amid tougher Russian rhetoric on the Kyiv’s use of a “dirty bomb” has raised concerns among Westerners. allies over a possible nuclear escalation in the war in Ukraine from a false flag operation.

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He also weighs the fact that this was the first training of Russian nuclear forces to be carried out since the start of the Russian military campaign in Ukraine, the same day Putin echoed – and reaffirmed – the Russian narrative on the use of irregular weapons by Ukrainians. “There are also known plans to use the so-called dirty bomb to provoke,” Putin said.

A nuclear submarine also took part in a nuclear exercise on Wednesday 26.
A nuclear submarine also took part in a nuclear exercise on Wednesday 26. Photo: Press Service of the Russian Defense Ministry/PA

During a virtual meeting with the leaders of the former Soviet republics after the conclusion of the military exercises, the Russian president said that “the geopolitical confrontation has increased sharply” and accused the UNITED STATES to use Ukraine as a “ram” against Russia, repeating unsubstantiated allegations that the Americans were using the conflict in Eastern Europe to test biological weapons, according to a report by the FinancialTimes.

Shoigu, who had previously called on several of his Western counterparts to issue the same warning echoed by Putin on Wednesday, repeated it in calls with Chinese and Indian defense ministers, the Russian Defense Ministry said.

Indian Defense Minister Rajnath Singh told Shoigu that neither side should resort to the “nuclear option”, according to a statement from India’s ruling body. “The prospect of using nuclear or radiological weapons runs counter to fundamental principles of humanity,” he said in the statement.

A dirty bomb is not a nuclear device, but Biden’s warning reflects growing concern in Washington and among Western allies that Russia may be looking for a pretext to launch a nuclear weapon. On Tuesday, US President Joe Biden warned Putin that it would be “an incredibly grave mistake” to use a tactical nuclear weapon in the conflict.

Putin reaffirmed the Russian narrative on the
Putin reaffirmed the Russian “dirty bomb” narrative during a meeting with the leaders of the former Soviet republics. Photo: Alexei Babushkin/Kremlin/Sputnik via EFE

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Despite Western criticism and warnings about the Russian allegations, the Kremlin spokesman, Dmitry Peskov, insisted that Moscow had information on “an ongoing preparation in Ukraine for such a terrorist attack”. “We will continue to vigorously inform the world community of what we know to persuade them to take action to prevent this irresponsible action by the kyiv regime,” Peskov told reporters.

wait i know Sergei LavrovRussian Foreign Minister, raises the issue of a possible dirty bomb – which is not known to have been used in combat before – at the United Nations Security Council, although the exact timing of this action remains unclear.

Bombardments on the battlefield

Growing concern over the escalating conflict has echoed no caution on the battlefield, where new attacks have been registered on both sides of the front.

Ukrainian officials said the Russian military attacked more than 40 sites in different parts of the country in the past 24 hours, killing at least two civilians and forcing many others to flee to bomb shelters overnight. Russian forces reportedly launched five rockets, 30 airstrikes and more than 100 multi-rocket attacks against Ukrainian targets, according to the general staff.

A Russian attack hit a gas station in the city of Dnipro, killing two people, including a pregnant woman. Dnipropetrovsk region governor Valentin Reznichenko said four injured people had been taken to hospital.

In Mikolaiv, a southern port city close to the front lines of the war, residents queued for bread and canned rations as rising food prices and loss of income add to the burden of war for low-income families in Ukraine.

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Missiles hit several buildings and neighborhoods in the city on Tuesday, although it remains unclear whether there were any casualties, according to local authorities./AFP, WPOST and AP

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