‘Rough Day’ Newscast

The death of Susana Naspolini (1973-2022) shook Ana Paula Araújo, presenter of Bom Dia Brasil, on Globo. This Tuesday (26), the journalist admitted that the whole team was having a painful day because of mourning. Susana died on Tuesday (25), after battling cancer that had spread throughout her body. “A particularly difficult day for us,” said Ana.

At the end of the television news, the presenter mourned the death of her professional colleague when she called Patrícia Poeta to give the news of the day in Reunion. Patricia also took the opportunity to pay tribute to Susana.

“Today is a particularly difficult day for us here at Jornalismo da Globo with the loss of Susana Naspolini, quite simply Rio de Janeiro’s most beloved journalist, the most beloved of all of us here at the newsroom that we know. Susana, a bit of Susana’s fight for life,” Ana announces, visibly moved.

Manoel Soares’ companion left a message of support: “It was a sad day for all of us. We were there in this chain of prayer, but unfortunately she left us”.

“Susana was, as you said, very dear. A wonderful colleague, a woman warrior. Now we are going to pay tribute to her. She even sat on this sofa with my colleague Fátima Bernardes”, added Patrícia.

At the end of Bom Dia Brasil, Ana Paula hugged Carol Barcellos, who was next to her in the studio, and wiped away her tears as the attraction ended. The traditional TV news vignette was not shown in the end credits.

Check out the moment below:

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