Post Split, Power Couple Champ Sells Adult Content, Even Offers TV News Discounts

Champion of Power Couple 6 (2022), Matheus Sampaio launched a profile on an adult content platform this Wednesday (26). The announcement came a day after he revealed he was no longer engaged to Brenda Paixão. The cheapest subscription costs R$30, but the influencer gives a discount to the most loyal fans – ranging from 30% to 50%.

He created an account on Privacy, which brings together other former Record Reality candidates such as Dynho Alves, Hadson Nery, Tati Zaqui and Mirella. Former BBB Lumena Aleluia also joined the social network in order to pay for the damage with an attack with feces in her apartment in São Paulo.

So far, Sampaio has only five publications. Subscription prices start at R$ 30. It is possible to conclude three-month packages with a 30% discount, starting from R$ 63; or six months with 60%, for R$ 90.

Its profile specifies that, among the advantages of the subscription, figure the access to all the contents; direct messages with the creator; and termination at any time.

Matheus Sampaio rose to prominence after taking part in the first season of the reality show Brincando com Fogo, on Netflix. He met ex-fiancée Brenda Paixão on the show. They then competed in Power Couple 6, in which they emerged as champions – with 330,000 BRL in their pocket.

Matheus separates from Brenda Paixão

Matheus Sampaio and Brenda Passion announced the end of their engagement on Tuesday evening (25). They joined the list of couples who broke up after participating in the Power Couple, in a sort of curse.

“Cycles end, cycles begin. Out of respect for the fans, I’m here to communicate that Matheus and I are no longer a couple. I ask you to continue to seek the happiness of both, now each going their own way. And I also ask you to respect my moment,” the influencer wrote.

Famous with Onlyfans

In addition to Privacy, Onlyfans is another well-known platform for bringing fans closer to artists. However, the social network is not necessarily used to promote adult content. Anitta, for example, does not share spicy clicks there.

Mirella, on the other hand, has previously stated that she earns around R$500,000 per month with the account. At 67, Rita Cadillac is also in the game.

They are joined by Renata Frisson, the Melon Woman; former model Cristina Mortágua; media personality Nana Gouveia; Geisy Arruda; former BBB Angelica Morango.

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