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With the victory in the Farmer’s Race this Wednesday (26), Pelé Milflows favored a comeback in the sixth field of A Fazenda 14. He was only a few tenths left in the poll of news channel than Petala Barreiros – the most rejected so far this season. She becomes the public’s main target, as Bárbara Borges and Vinicius Buttel vie for the position of public darlings. Vote at the end of this text.

The head office chief’s activity was challenged by the actress, influencer and musician during the live edit. Vini did not participate in the dynamic because he was vetoed by Pelé.

The Farmer’s Test took place in two phases. In the first, pedestrians transformed a human claw into a machine to collect as many balls of different sports – basketball, football, tennis, rugby, volleyball – in a swimming pool.

Each element has a different score. The objective was to catch as many balls as possible on the course and toss them into reservoirs near the lanes.

The tennis ball was worth 100 points; volleyball, 200; soccer, 300; basketball, 400; and that of American football, 500. “If you throw the ball into your teammate’s basket, you will be nice because he will have one more ball to shoot in the second phase,” added Adriane Galisteu.

In the second phase, the pawns had to aim well to throw the balls they recovered inside their respective baskets.

Who won the Farmer’s Trial today?

Pele Milflows showed he had his focus up to date and did well in this Wednesday’s Farmer’s Trial. In addition to getting rid of the campaign, he will replace Lucas Santos as leader of the week. Thus, Pétala Barreiros and Bárbara Borges have joined Vinicius Buttel in the campaign, the result of which will be known on Thursday evening (20).

Who is leaving La Ferme?

In part of the survey news channel, which has 68,000 votes until the last update of this text, Bárbara Borges and Vinicius Buttel were fighting over favouritism. The actress has 39.23% popular preference, while the former MTV actress followed with 36.56%.

Pelé Milflows risked saying goodbye to reality TV this Thursday (27), while a few tenths separate him from Petala Barreiros. He relied on just 12.45% of the vote to stay on the show, but he won immunity with the farmer’s hat.

Therefore, the digital influencer remains the most rejected to date, with only 11.76%. she understood increase your popularity ratingsince he had 29.09% support this Wednesday afternoon (26).

In the UOL poll, Bárbara had 40.89% of the crowd. Pelé followed with 33.11%, and Petala in the usher with 26%.

Who is in the rock?

Also during the live edition, Adriane Galisteu informed that the three farmers would have to make their defenses to stay in the fight for the prize of 1.5 million reais.

Bárbara was the first to ask to stay on the reality show. “Brazil, look at me again here, you brought me back to the game. I ask you, please, to unite. Who has been with me since the days of the paquita and who started to accompany now. I want to stay. I like to live, to learn and to surpass myself”, asked the actress.

Petal came next and appealed to fans of the rural attraction. “Vote a lot for me to stay, I really want to stay, I want to reach the final, I want to honor you both, I’m very happy, what I’m doing is for you, I hope to honor your upbringing. I really want to stay,” she said.

“Here I am once again, with the utmost endurance, asking for your vote. I keep laughing, but I keep giving my opinion, it hurts who it hurts. But I keep having this experience. people here are nothing without you,” Vini concluded.

Vote for R7 in A Fazenda 2022

To vote for the gardens of A Fazenda 14, the viewer must access the show’s official page on R7. Unlike Big Brother Brasil, the vote is for the contestant to stay – not to eliminate them from the reality show.


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