Pedro Scooby speaks out after controversy with wad of cash: ‘People are getting angry’

This Wednesday (26), Pedro Scooby took to social media to comment on the criticism he received for a controversial photo posted on Instagram. In the image, the surfer appears carrying several R$ 50 and 100 bills in his arms. The former BBB returned to the platform to comment on the case and said having money equals criticism in Brazil.

“To begin with…I don’t see it as ostentation, I see it as inspiration. I was a kid from Curicica who went to the beach in a van and had no reference, no one who had done well in life”, he says in his stories, taking the opportunity to reaffirm his origin in a neighborhood in the West Zone of Rio.

“The most important thing for me is to be happy, but if I can be happy and still have money, that’s the best of both worlds. money is an attack and not a victory. that… But you really have to show what you have conquered, through honesty, struggle, battle. It is not a sin to be rich , it is not a sin to have money.

peter scooby

The controversial image shared by Scooby references rapper L7nnon’s music video release, as the Sufi makes a special appearance in the artist’s video. In September, another controversy invaded the social networks of the Internet user.

Watch Pedro Scooby’s explosion:

Pedro Scooby blows up the gossip pages


Pedro Scooby has blasted pages of gossip that have created an image of him as a figure he is not. According to Luana Piovani’s ex, the people responsible for the information about her do not understand the facts. A few days before this declaration, Pedro had been imprisoned in the United States, because he had not been able to return to Brazil.

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