Palmeiras “eliminates” his rival, but the title is for the next time; know what it takes to be a champion

It only took one goal for Palmeiras to become Brasileirão champions on Wednesday. However, confirmation of the title was for the following day, as Internacional ended up winning their match and postponing Palmeiras’ conquest. At the same time, Corinthians lost and ended any chance of challenging for the championship.

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In this way, Inter became Verdão’s only competitor for the Brazilian title. With the comeback win over Ceará, 2-1, Mano Menezes’ side moved to 64 points and maintained the ten-point advantage for the competition leader. As there are still 12 points to win, the Gauchos still have a chance to be champions.

For Palmeiras, it is enough to win one of the next four matches remaining at the Brasileirão: Fortaleza (home), Cuiabá (away), América-MG (home) and Internacional (away). Reaching 77 points, Alviverde could no longer be reached, as Inter could have a maximum of 76 points if they won the four games they lacked.

But Verdão could be champion even without beating Fortaleza. However, this will depend on Internacional’s failure against América-MG, away from home. In this scenario, Colorado would reach a maximum of 74 points, while Palmeiras would have 75, if they draw, or 74, if they lose. In the number of victories, Alviverde would take the advantage (21 x 20).

Although Ceará were only one goal away from being champions on Wednesday, the Verdão were able to celebrate the “elimination” of Corinthians, who lost 2-0 to Fluminense, at the Neo Química Arena, and ended up with 57 points. With 15 remaining in contention for Timão, he would only reach 72 points, two short of what Palmeiras already has. Thus, there are no more title chances for Corinthians.

Scenarios for Palmeiras to be champion:

– A victory for Verdão in the next four games
– International stumble in next four games

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