Novela Vítor Pereira: what we know about the permanence of the coach or not at Corinthians

Coach Vítor Pereira has not yet defined whether he will renew for another year with the Corinthians or not. This Tuesday, the soap opera involving his contract with the club gained a new chapter.

The presenter Neto, from the show “Os donos da bola”, from Girl Scouts, said that VP will not extend the contract for one year. According to the Corinthians idol, the technical staff would not like to stay in Brazil either.

“The information I have is that he won’t stay. He will do the hard work in the Brazilian league, try to get ahead of Internacional (in the table), but he won’t stay next year,” he said. he declared. in attraction.

At the start of the evening, the coach spoke briefly in contact with the ESPNwriting that “he cannot confirm or deny (Neto’s) information at this time”.

This is the tone adopted by the professional in all the press conferences where he is questioned on the subject. He recently said he would respond before the end of the season “out of respect for the club”. It is expected that this comeback could take place this Wednesday, after the game against Fluminense, at the Neo Química Arena.

A Sports Gazette noted, over the past few months, that the VP’s wish is to remain in charge of Corinthians, and that the only “obstacle” would be the illness of his mother-in-law, who lives in Portugal with her family. He always made this point clear and that he would only be happy if his family were too.

Also, regarding the technical committee, it should be mentioned that its staff, which is numerous and moved to São Paulo for this new challenge, is very important for its decision. Thus, the decision is collective and not individual, which can also contribute to the delay.

A meeting took place last week between the parties, but Vítor Pereira has not yet returned to give a verdict to the board. If he made a decision, it has not yet been communicated.

It should be noted that President Duilio Monteiro Alves and the Corinthian top management have always made it clear that they want the Portuguese coach to continue his work next year. Your deposit runs until December.

Indications that he will remain are his strong identification with the crowd; football planning has already started for 2023; the hiring of athletes, like Fausto, after a direct request and their relationship with the board of directors.

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