Norway arrests alleged Russian spy posing as Brazilian – News

The Norwegian Counterintelligence Service (PST) announced on Tuesday (25) the arrest of a suspected Russian underground spy who they believe was posing as a Brazilian researcher.

The suspect was arrested on Monday morning (24) on his way to work at the University of Tromsø (north), according to Norwegian public television NRK.

“We believe he is a stowaway, acting on behalf of the Russian authorities,” Hedvig Moe, number 2 of the PST, told TV2.

Operating under a false identity, “a stowaway is someone who collects information, most often for his country of origin, Russia and the Russian intelligence services in this case”, she explained.

The PST, which claims to have collaborated with the intelligence services of other allied countries, will request its expulsion.

In the meantime, the suspect has been remanded in custody for four weeks.

At the University of Tromsø, the alleged spy was researching Norwegian Arctic policy and hybrid threats, according to the PST.

The case comes after several arrests in the Scandinavian country of Russian citizens accused of flying drones over Norwegian territory, in violation of the overflight ban imposed on Russians due to the war in Ukraine, or for having violated the bans on photographing in sensitive places.

A member of the North Atlantic Treaty Organization (NATO), Norway shares a 198-kilometre Arctic border with Russia, a country it dethroned as Europe’s main supplier of natural gas.

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