Naldo blasts Vini in Instagram stories

Strawberry Shortcake’s husband, singer Naldo Benny asked for the departure of Vini Buttel in the 6th roça of “A Fazenda 2022” (Record TV). The singer also said he thought the model and Deolane were hurting the dancer.

“Several days ago, 4 or 5 days ago, it was said by Deolane that Ellen and André would not be a priority, that being much more motivated by Vini, but also by Deolane. to say, in my opinion, Ellen would be in the wrong group, she has to play her game,” Naldo said, in Stories.

I’m not next, but I’m asking you to vote for Vini to leave, because he and Deolane catch Ellen in the lie. The rest of the group just follows the tram, except André. It is oppression. It oppresses a lot. nald

“Ellen has a reason and as part of her education in the game, she gets along with everyone, she is polite, cooks for everyone, talks to everyone, thanked Pelé yesterday for not having voted for her, as well as André too. Guys have this. affection for me and that is reflected in the game,” he continued.

If Ellen puts herself in some form of education like she did with the Group B participants, there is an oppression upon her. I’m asking you to vote to release the first sucker for Deolane, who keeps sulking at people and playing Ellen against a band. I don’t find it cool, I find it cowardly. Imagine when she comes out and see what people say about her? Vini, Deolane bashing Ellen all the time. I think it’s even more envious and I don’t think it’s just because she doesn’t know what’s going on in there. nald

For the past few days, Strawberry and Deolane have had beef at home.

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