MPF report points to evidence of fraud in RN health funds

MPF report points to evidence of fraud in RN health funds

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A report prepared by the Federal Public Ministry under a technical agreement with the Federal University of Rio Grande do Norte indicates that municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul, targeted by the amendments of the rapporteur RP9, the so-called secret budget, recorded a number of outpatient visits up to 7000% higher than the population of the city.

It is possible to identify that from 2020 – which coincides with the execution of the so-called amendments of the RP-9 rapporteur – in the different municipalities surveyed there has been a sudden and strong increase in health procedures, many of which were inconsistent with population averages“, points out the public prosecutor Fernando Rocha.

According to the study, the municipality of Olho-D’água do Borges would have measured the blood pressure of each inhabitant 228 times in 2020. In Fernando Pedroza, 226 times more drugs were distributed than the population in 2017.

In Antônio Martins, on the other hand, there were proportionally 120 blood sugar tests for each inhabitant, in the first seven months of 2022 alone, the equivalent of carrying out a test every 42 hours for the entire population. . Also in 2022, in Carnaúba dos Dantas, each resident would have been seen 108 times in primary care emergency with remoteness.

In addition to the greater difficulty in identifying the destination of these resources, the report reveals the technical impossibility of knowing which parliamentarian was the promoter of the amendments. Such characteristics of the new system inaugurated in 2020 destabilize the system of control of public resources, allowing the beneficiary manager to be absolutely free from inspection and control, which is inconceivable by the republican values ​​assumed in the Federal Constitution.“, specifies the prosecutor.

Of the ten municipalities in the state of Rio Grande do Sul that stood out for having an average care incompatible with the number of the population, six benefited from RP9 amendments by federal deputies in 2021.

Deputy General Girão (PL-RN) sent R$322,000 to the municipality of Fernando Pedroza, R$100,000 to Riacho de Santana and R$200,000 to Rio do Fogo.. Rio do Fogo also received R$100,000 from MP Carla Dickson (União-RN). The city of Antônio Martins, on the other hand, received two amendments proposed by MP João Maia (PL-RN) and MP Carla Dickson (União-RN), amounting to R$300,000 and R$250,000 , respectively. Finally, MP Benes Leocádio (União-RN) awarded amendments to Rio do Fogo (R$400,000) and Jundiá (R$200,000).

The report produced by the MPF will be forwarded to the Federal Comptroller General (CGU) and the Federal Court of Auditors (TCU).

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