Kerline cheated with the lantern? Find out if the power will be cut in A Fazenda 14 TV News

Pétala Barreiros’ team has accused Kerline Cardoso of cheating during the formation of the spinoff in A Fazenda 14. The directors took a video in which the former BBB would make a “three” sign, her hand pressed on the bench as if it were giving a warning about green energy.

Lantern owner Kerline got immunity with the black scroll and gave the other to Petal – the power was chosen by the audience and put the owner on the third stool in the field, instead of pulling the stall .

The main rule for those who win the trial by fire is not to combine or transmit any type of signal on the powers – which are only open live – to other participants. For the Petala team, the model made a “three” sign to Alex Gallete, indicating that the power was linked to the third farmer.

Kerline warned Alex that she would drop a tip, but that would be in the case of immunity. The privilege, however, was revealed before voting even began, which didn’t give the ex-BBB a chance to stick to the deal.

As Petal fans started calling on Twitter for the power to be undone, Kerline fans claimed she was just tapping the stool with her fingers.

O news channel asked Record about a possible evaluation of the images, but did not receive a response until this text was published. If Kerline is proven to have passed any kind of signal, the power should be called off, as happened with Pele Milflows this season.

Check it out below:

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