Juliette highlights the buttocks of the glued look and draws attention to the beauty: “Kardashian”

This Wednesday (26), the winner of the ‘BBB 21’, Juliette Freiredelighted his legion of fans and admirers by sharing a heartbreaking click with a see all in silver, well glued, highlighting its sculptural body. On occasion, the singer from the Northeast took a wave with her round buttocks and won more than 500 thousand likes from Internet users.

“Who is that silver Kardashian!?” joked Juliet in the post’s caption, lavishing all her beauty with the loose threads of her silver jumpsuit, in addition to grabbing attention with her record-perfect bum. In the comments, praise rained down on the famous.


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“The Brazilian Kardashian”, first joked a follower. “Juliet will steal Simaria’s job as the Kardashian from Brazil”, commented another fan of the star. “Juliette at the service of beauty as always”, praised a third, among several positive comments for the singer of ‘Mara difference’.

It should be mentioned that in a recent interview with comedian Fábio Porchat, Juliet revealed that he sets limits on his relationship with the ‘cactus’ and that the relationship between fans and public figures should be balanced. “I will not strip myself of all that I am to please an audience that I conquered by being who I am.“testified the star.

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