Is there already a date for the PAYMENT of the 13th SALARY of Auxílio Brasil? Find out what the government says

Auxílio Brasil is an income transfer program that replaced the former Bolsa Família. Today, more than 21 million beneficiaries receive payments of R$ 600, an amount which increased after the approval, in mid-July, of the PEC ‘Kamikaze’. Initially, the amount paid was R$400 for families.

So, in addition to the transfer of payments, what many families can expect at this time is the decision regarding the payment of the 13th salary of Auxílio Brasil. But is there already a confirmed date for the deposit? See more below.

Is there already a date for the PAYMENT of the 13th SALARY of Auxílio Brasil?  Find out what the government says
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November payment

With the Auxílio Brasil calendar for the month of October recently closed, beneficiaries can already think about paying for the following month. This may happen since, in October, the government chose to advance the deposit of the installments. However, it is likely that in November this will not happen. Thus, it is now possible to indicate on which dates the transfer can be made:

  • 11/17 – NIS Final 1
  • 11/18 – NIS Final 2
  • 11/21 – NIS Final 3
  • 11/22 – NIS Final 4
  • 23/11 – NIS Final 5
  • 11/24 – End of NIS 6
  • 11/25 – End of NIS 7
  • 11/28 – NIS Final 8
  • 11/29 – End of NIS 9
  • 11/30 – End of NIS 0

It should be recalled that in November, only the R$600 tranche of Auxílio Brasil will be paid, since in October the tranche of Auxílio-Gás was paid, but, since the latter benefit is paid every two months, the next installment is awaited. only in December.

In addition, it is also important to point out that in December, the last round of benefit payments takes place at current values. The reason for this is that the proposed Constitutional Amendment (PEC) to change the values ​​of these social programs only freed up resources until the end of the year.

In this sense, next year Auxílio Brasil will once again pay R$400 to its beneficiaries. In turn, Auxílio-Gás will again have the value of 50% of the national average price of a 13 kg cooking gas cylinder.

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Does Auxílio Brasil’s 13th salary have a date?

The payment of Auxílio Brasil’s 13th salary was, in fact, a promise by the country’s current president, Jair Bolsonaro. However, so far it has not been fulfilled. Currently, Bill 625/2022, drafted by Senator Alexandre Silveira (PSB) is in progress, and it deals precisely with the issue of transferring the 13th salary of the aid to the beneficiaries.

However, as this is an election year, it is not permitted under current legislation to comment on these matters. For this reason, the biggest chance is that the transfer of the 13th salary of Auxílio Brasil does not take place, at least this year. In this way, the beneficiary families will have to wait a little longer, because the payment should not yet be made in this year 2022.

However, the forecast is that the transfer of the 13th salary of Auxílio Brasil will take place next year, 2023. However, not everyone will initially be entitled to receive. Indeed, the target audience is made up of single women heads of households.

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