Is it dangerous to heat food in the microwave? That’s what the WHO says

Undoubtedly, technology greatly facilitates the daily routine and saves time that could not be saved before. Some household appliances improve socialization and make everyday life more bearable. This is the case of the microwave which heats up and which even today helps in the preparation of various foods.

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If before you always had to cook meals from scratch, now just freeze small jars in the freezer. When it’s time to eat, simply reheat it in the microwave and everything will be ready to satisfy your hunger.

Is using the microwave bad for your health?

However, there is some fear that microwaves can harm a person’s health. This is a very old belief that for many people still remains unanswered. That’s why we decided to clarify what the World Health Organization (WHO) itself has to say on the subject.

According to the World Health Organization (WHO), if used correctly, microwaves pose no risk. “When used according to manufacturer’s instructions, microwave ovens are safe and convenient for heating and cooking a variety of foods.”

A study has shown the effectiveness of this device in retaining the antioxidant activity of vegetables. Remember that with any cooking method, your food loses its properties and the microwave is no exception, but that doesn’t make it a worse method.

However, some foods have a contraindication to being heated this way.

These foods must not pass through the equipment

Below is a list of foods that should be kept away from your microwave oven.

1 – Citrus

A vitamin C it practically disappears when the citrus fruits are heated, whether in the microwave or not.

2 – Broccoli

Up to 97% of antioxidants are lost when broccoli is microwaved. If heated in water, the loss is 11%.

3 – Rice

Rice should always be boiled in water in the usual way, otherwise it will lose all important nutrients. What happens is that the high, uniform temperature of the microwave harms the process. Rice needs moderate heat and rises gradually.

4 – Butter and margarine

Although it is quite common to soften butter or margarine in the microwave, this practice is not recommended. This causes these ingredients to lose their protein gains.

5 – Popcorn

Like that? Well the Pop corn Not the best product to heat in the microwave. It contains perfluorooctanoic acid (PFOA) and has a direct impact on the body’s production of hormones.

6 – Meat

You should not reheat these foods in the microwave. Since the microwave temperature is quite high, the meat eventually loses its protein value.

7 – Leite

If heated in the microwave, milk can lose about 40% of its nutrients. The vitamin B12 found in milk is completely lost in the process.

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