In a thong, Mel Maia explodes the canvas with her body and collects praise for the beauty: “Mermaid”

This Wednesday (26), the actress and influencer Maya honey, The 18-year-old set social media on fire posing in a skimpy bikini, showcasing her dancing curves and sculpted body in the floral-detailed piece. On occasion, the star of the next sevenGo to faith’ captured attention for her loose-locked beauty and garnered 1.5 million likes from netizens.

The photographer did a lot of stupid things…result: I look good in the photos,” joked Mayan honey in the post’s caption, lavishing all her radiant beauty with the new camera lens look, in addition to showing off her tattoos for the overwhelming click. In the comments, the actress garnered thousands of praise from fans.


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“Mel Maia is too diva!”, first praised a follower. “This woman is very goddess”, highlighted a netizen. “The body of this woman is a real human sculpture”, another fan of the actress wrote, among several messages of praise for the star of the upcoming seven-hour soap opera, ‘Go on Faith’.

It is to highlight that Mayan honey has been single since the end of her relationship with footballer João Pedro. Last year, she spoke after the singer MC melody imply that the two were having an affair. The two came out to deny it.

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