Henry Cavill promises Superman a ‘bright future’

Henry Cavill said Superman has a bright future in the DC Universe and he’s very excited about his official comeback.

“The character means a lot to me. Five years have passed. I never gave up hope, and that was the key. It’s amazing to be here right now to talk about it. There’s such a bright future in front of us. I’m so excited to be able to tell stories with an extremely lightweight Superman.

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The actor was called in to record the cameo in Black Adam during production of The Witcher on Netflix, having to get permission from the platform to take a break.

But at the time, it was so secret that there was no permission to reveal the reason for this request.

“I went to the Warner Bros. studio. in the UK and returned to the process. It was a very powerful moment. I wasn’t sure how I would feel…whether it would be anything very emotional because I had put on the Man of Steel version of the costume. I picked this particular one out of nostalgia. It was important to be there and enjoy this moment. It’s one of the best moments of my career. It’s great to have the opportunity to use it again.

At that time we know that Charles Rouven is involved as a producer on the upcoming hero movie, while Pictures from Warner Bros. look for writers.

Christopher McQuarrie (Mission: Impossible – Fallout Effect) appears at the top of the favorites list.

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Besides Henry Cavill, Iron man also brought Amy Adams like Lois Lane, Russell Crowe like Jor-El, Michael Shannon like Zod, Diane Lane like Martha Kent, Kevin Costner like Jonathan Kent, and Antje Traue like Faora not the main cast.

The worldwide box office was $668 million.

What is the story of Man of Steel about?

Born on Krypton, little Kal-El lived for a short time on his home planet. Realizing the planet was on the verge of collapse, his father (Crowe) sends him as a baby on a spaceship, heading for planet Earth, taking important information from his people with him. Unhappy with such an attitude, General Zod (Shannon) tries to stop the initiative and ends up being arrested.

In his new home, the child was raised by Jonathan (Costner) and Martha Kent (Lane), who named him Clark. Time passes, his powers appear and become, in a way, a problem, because it shows that he is not a human being.

As an adult, Clark (Cavill) is forced to seek a bit of isolation because he can’t resist people’s rescues and always has to disappear from the map so as not to cause trouble for his parents. But the terrible Zod managed to free himself and found out where he was. Now humanity is in danger and maybe it’s time for people to meet those who will come to call Superman.

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