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Posted on 26/10/2022 19:14

Rio – The servers of the municipal health system were Wednesday afternoon (26) at the town hall of Rio. During the act, the group of around 30 attempted to enter to attend a plenary session, but were prevented from doing so by security. Servant Maristela reported that health professionals have tried to support the implementation of the employment, career and compensation plan (PCCS) for the category.

“They don’t want to let us attend the plenary session. They made it up that the system is not working. They don’t want to let us in the hemicycle. We are servants. We have been in this PCCS process for 12 years. .. Listen, they said there is no system, but they let other people in. It’s an order not to let us in,” he complained.

Maristela says that currently doctors with higher education receive R$3,000 per month from the municipality. The group claims that there has been no readjustment of salaries in line with inflation and that the salary discount rate has been reduced from 11% to 14%. Since February 2022, date of entry, the administrative process has been ongoing. In addition, employees have not yet received an inflationary replacement.

“We are health professionals, from the municipality. We demand that our salary improves, because a doctor with a higher education earns R$3,000. , hard shifts. We want dignity. We let’s try to get into the Chamber for support,” said the servant.

Requested, the opinion of the chamber of aldermen did not comment on the situation.

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