‘Going Crazy’ Newscast

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Deolane Bezerra again brought serious charges in A Fazenda 14. After claiming that Thomaz Costa was taking drugs to induce sympathy in the public, the lawyer said that Deborah Albuquerque was only taking drugs because she was in confinement. “Go crazy,” he said.

The accusation came after Lucas Santos told him about the fight he had with the redhead, during which he ordered her to take medication. “Nothing against, because abroad I take anti-anxiety medication, but this woman is a megalomaniac”, criticized the former Carrousel.

“She gets drunk here every night, do you think she takes drugs like that outside? She doesn’t take anything! She goes crazy,” accused the widow of MC Kevin (1997-2021). “A lot of people started taking drugs just to come here, I don’t care about any of that,” she added.

“Taking drugs is normal, what you can’t do is take drugs to lie, right?” Criticized the DJ. “But it’s not right to talk about these things about medicine,” he advised. “What I said is that she is lying and accusing medicine. She wants to provoke, she wants to win supporters,” he explained.

“Because of the victims? joked Lucas. “Because of my ass,” barked Deolane. During one of the discussions, Deborah had already stated that she had been taking the prescription drugs for years.

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