Globo star leaves a millionaire legacy that becomes a debt: ‘disappeared’

Chico Anysio was undoubtedly one of the great stars of Brazilian television, who was immortalized with his character in the show Escolinha do Professor Raimundo. Ten years after his death, a legal battle over the inheritance is being waged by the comedian’s family.

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Chico died on March 12, 2012, at the age of 80. Since then, the dispute over the artist’s legacy seems to have taken an unexpected and far from positive turn. This is because, apparently, only the debts remained, and the money “disappeared”. Understand the case of sharing below!

Chico Anysio playing Professor Raimundo in the TV show.

Problematic inheritance sharing

According to information from Veja magazine in April this year, the comedian’s heirs divided part of the fortune into properties, valued at 4 million reais. But apparently what was left of Anysio’s fortune was just debts, valued at 7 million reais. Much of this amount relates to back taxes and fees paid by former employees.

The legal battle began when Malga di Paula, Chico’s last widow, had to provide clarification in court to the comedian’s eight heirs. She was responsible for the heritage inventory of Chico for five years.

The actor’s children accuse Malga of not accounting for the artist’s estate, which includes renting shops in a shopping center in the western zone of Rio, renting a four-bedroom apartment in the same region, in addition to the location of the money deposited by Globo for the copyright of the work of the humorist.

For lawyer Edward Halbouti, representing five of Anysio’s eight children, the widow’s attitude of non-responsibility constitutes “embezzlement”, a crime provided for in article 168 of the Penal Code. “We don’t know the exact amount that disappeared from the estate because there was no accountability. That alone has already been set up as embezzlement – ​​not to mention theft,” the brothers’ defense attorney said.

What does the widow say?

Malga di Paula now lives in southern Brazil with her parents. She denied all the allegations and assured that she had not received a single penny from the will. Anysio’s widow said she was still “exhausted” from the argument and felt attacked by her ex-partner’s children.

Malga di Paula, last widow of Chico Anysio.

“I don’t hit them. They already said I’m a liar and I even stole it. I no longer have mental health, I went through two psychiatric hospitalizations”, he declared. Faced with this imbroglio, everything indicates that the dispute over the legacy of Chico Anysio, valued at 20 million R $, shouldn’t stop just yet.

Today, the person in charge of the artist’s heritage is the actor Bruno Mazzeo, one of the comedian’s sons.

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