Gio Ewbank leaves Bless on the ground after spending R$1,000 on games

Giovanna Ewbank, 36, said she grounded her son Bless Gagliasso, 7, for two months after spending more than R$1,000 on app games.

It all started when guest on this week’s “Quem Pode, Pod” videocast, Antonio Fagundes, talked about his passion for games. “I started]out of curiosity. I said why they like it. Then I bought the little device, I haven’t slept for a week. Now I play occasionally, but I like that,” the actor said.

“I bought it and I went crazy. They are games with a story, Alexandra is by my side like someone watching a movie. Cinema copies games. The image is fabulous,” he said. – he said, who added. “I’m not good, I pack a lot, I take a lot of time, but I play well”.

Then Fernanda Paes Leme mentioned her friend’s son, who is addicted to video games. “He knows how to play, he knows how to buy the game and I’m like that,” she said, looking surprised.

At that moment, Giovanna told the story of the punishment. “He’s even been punished, he hasn’t played video games for two months because he knows he can’t buy games and then he asks. We’ll see if he can, if he doesn’t there isn’t too much violence. But there was one night Bruno and I were watching a series and all of a sudden a lot of charges on the card over R$1,000 start popping up,” she said. .

In the chat, the presenter said he misses playing the games. “We went downstairs and talked to him. He went over there and bought a bunch of games he couldn’t. He’s nervous about playing video games again…poor thing.”

The boy’s godmother, Fernanda took the opportunity to say that the punishment was interesting because Bless was concentrating on other activities.

“He started drawing, he draws a lot, Fagundes. He draws very well, he started to focus on that”. Giovanna agreed and said, “This punishment was wonderful for us,” she joked.

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