George Floyd’s brother ‘drops’ Kanye West lawsuit

At this time, George Floyd’s brother has no plans to take legal action against Kanye West, who doubted the man’s death and pointed out that it occurred following of fentanyl use. According to Philonise Floyd’s representative, Lee Merritt, for the time being, he is dropping the lawsuit against the singer.

In an interview with TMZ, the rep said George Floyd’s brother is temporarily waiving legal action against Kanye West, Candace Owens and others who have denied the man died of asphyxiation.

The newspaper pointed out that Philonise Floyd wanted the rapper to stop commenting on his brother’s death. For that, he thought it would only be viable through a trial. However, with the week’s changes, such as the singer’s podcast on the subject being taken off the air, the brother decided not to pursue the process.

Although Philonise dropped the lawsuit after Kanye West complied with the demands of the letter from George Floyd’s daughter, Gianna, by not commenting further on the matter, that doesn’t mean the victim’s family won’t sue. the lawsuit against the famous.

As such, Gianna’s lawyers can continue the lawsuit for 250 million US dollars (1.3 billion reais) in damages. So far, the measurement has not been halted, as TMZ reports.

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