Flamengo vs Athletico: Guayaquil facing a security problem on the eve of the Libertadores final

If the CONMEBOL organization and the Ecuadorian government try to give the impression that Guayaquil is experiencing a moment of peace before the Libertadores Cup final, between Flamengo vs Atleticodaily practice does not correspond to this.

The place lives with security problems and popular pressure in the face of the current government – the country is presided over by Rafael Castro -, which reflects on the organization of the decision of the international tournament and the routine of the Brazilian supporters.

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No wonder there was an attempted robbery of a local TV journalist near the Isidro Romero Carbo stadium, where the decision was made. This is not new: the arena district is one of the most dangerous in the city and is surrounded by drug traffickers. The advice of Ecuadorian residents is to only go to the stadium on match day, when security is tight.

The “central part” of Guayaquil, which refers to the Malecon, the main tourist site of the city, and to Avenida de Las Americas, is reinforced in terms of police.

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Puerto Santa Ana, where fans gathered on Tuesday night, also turned out to be a quiet place. From this Wednesday, the Fan Embassy will be open, a place set up by Conmebol for the concentration of red-black people from Rio de Janeiro and Paraná, where the police presence is also evident from the start.

The other areas seem “abandoned”, still without offering the necessary security for tourists – the part of the Decision Stadium, for example, is one of those places that is not in this central part.

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Four murders were recorded in the Bastión Popular, a neighborhood 35 minutes by car from the stadium, on Tuesday. Guayaquil still suffers from traffic, popular pressure and security issues.

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