everything you NEED to know about NuPay and payments for online purchases

the digital bank Nubankwhich has already become one of the best known among Brazilians, launched NuPay, which is a digital payment method that allows the customer of the purple bank to buy on a website and pay directly through the Nubank application, without having to enter their payment information. on the site, which represents more security.

To use the function, the customer must choose the NuPay payment option during checkout on the website, after which the customer will be redirected to the banking appand only there he will finalize the payment, without having to transmit the card information to third parties.

According to the Nubank website, NuPay payments can be made using the debit or credit functions of the purple card, and in case of payment on credit, the virtual store can allow the purchase to be completed within 24 hours. maximum payments, with the possibility in particular of receiving an additional limit in certain cases.

In short, for Nubank customers, the new payment solution should bring more security, agility and flexibility when making payments, since it will not be necessary to transmit card data, the purchase can be made in a few clicks, and there’s still the ease of splitting purchases.

NuPay to Nubank

In addition to all the benefits of NuPay, Nubank customers will be able to count on an additional limit in some cases, a feature that is still in the testing phase, but you should lend a helping hand to the buyer if the credit card runs out . limit, in this way, You can complete the purchase without any problem.

Basically, the function is a small additional limit in case the customer tries to buy a product and cannot due to lack of credit, and the whole process is very fast, because the analysis to grant the further limit is done on time and with agility, letting the client know immediately whether it has been considered or not.

However, as already stated here, the function is in the testing phase, and therefore it will only be available to certain users of the application at this first moment, being made available to others later.

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