Epic gigantic bear fight goes viral on social media: ‘Best of all time’ – News

A very brave photographer has captured one of the greatest bear fights ever filmed. The insane scene was posted on Reddit, where it went viral, with over 80,000 likes.

In the scene, which lasts about two minutes, the bears face each other and begin to roar, getting louder and louder. But soon the roars become mighty blows.

The two males lean on a tree and exchange violent blows, until one of them falls, which usually already defines a winner in the fight. As quickly as it started, the fight ends, with the bigger bear winning.

In the comments, many have praised the courage of the photographer, who never strays from the two animals, despite using a zoom lens to capture the details of the nervous shock.

“The cameraman is crazy. Even the birds knew from the start that they had to get out of there!”, They said in a comment.

In the replies, everyone also found out who the brave cameraman was: wildlife guide Tero Pylkkänen from Finland.

The video was taken in 2019, at the Center de la faune boréale park. To put everyone at ease, Tero was housed in a cabin created especially for filming bears and other wildlife.

According to the Iltalehti newspaper website, the professional was only 10 m from the fierce clash between the two males.

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